Retro non prescription glasses

Retro non prescription glasses

Retro non prescription glasses could actually be, one of the easiest ways to change your look. Everybody knows that people with glasses are smart right? Studies actually show that people with glasses, have a higher income and get more respect in general. 

Higher-level women in big companies around the world have figured this out and they are actively taking advantage of it. 

Give yourself an interesting look and stand out in a crowd.

Hey, it work’s for Superman, give it a try.

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  • Look smarter
  • Get more respect 
  • Be unique 

Here are some of the coolest looking retro non prescription glasses out there

Retro non prescription glasses

1. ANRRI Clack Kent glasses

  • Clark Kent style glasses

  • Blue light blocking

  • Reduces eyestrain

  • Looks good on anyone
classic non prescription glasses
classic non prescription glasses
classic non prescription glasses

Classic Clark Kent Glasses

When it came to Glasses, Clark Kent (also known as Superman)preferred them black and classic. If you’ve ever wondered where you could get a pair of those frames here they are.

For a masculine and intelligent look, Clark Kent glasses are a perfect choice.

These are some of the best blue light blocking glasses out there, so if your use screens a lot then they would help to reduce eyestrain 

Find the best price here: ANRRI Clark Kent

'80s glasses

2. Dollger Classic glasses

  • 80’s style glasses

  • Non-polarized

  • Metal frame

  • High comfort
'80s glasses
'80s glasses
'80s glasses

Classic retro Glasses

The Dollger Classic are soo cool looking, retro-styled glasses like the ones you see in old detective movies from the ’80s.

The package comes with a very stylish thin cardboard box. The glasses are very light but well constructed and the fit is great.

They also included a black faux silk carrying pouch, a black wiping cloth and a cool small, well-made chrome-plated screwdriver with key chain fob attached.

These retro glasses will fit well as a retro look or even with a nerd costume.

Find the best price here: Dollger Classic glasses

Retro non prescription glasses

3. Agstum Titanium Retro glasses

  • Harry Potter style glasses

  • Titanium frame

  • Saddle bridge

  • Super lightweight
harry potter glasses
harry potter glasses
harry potter glasses

The Harry Potter Glasses

Everybody loves Harry Potter, and here you got the Agstum Titanium Retro glasses. 

The glasses are beautifully made with a titanium frame and a thin saddle bridge. They will go with a variety of looks from young people to old (John Lennon).

So if you wanna boost your IQ with 10% and look a little smarter, then these retro glasses are the right choice for you.

Find the best price here: Agstum Titanium Retro

Retro non prescription glasses

4. Zenni Tortoiseshell Retro

  • Blue blocker technology

  • For all-day wear

  • Half frame

  • Classic style
classic non
classic non prescription glasses
classic non prescription glasses

Classic half frame Glasses

Classic half frame glasses have been extremely popular for decades now and these Zenni Tortoiseshell’s is a perfect testament to that.

It’s the high-class look built into a half-frame pair of glasses, whether you’re a man or woman they will look terrific on you, trust me.

They are made with a special blue-light blocking polymer incorporated into the lens, that filters out harmful UV & blue light from digital screens, artificial light, and the sun.


Prolonged exposure to high-energy visible (HEV) blue light can lead to eye strain and blurred vision. Studies have shown that it may also damage the retinal cells which can lead to an increased risk of developing age-related macular degeneration. The Blokz blue blocker lenses block blue light and provide maximum UV coverage to protect your eyes.

Find the best price here: Zenni Tortoiseshell Retro

Retro non prescription glasses

5. COASION Vintage Glasses

  • Plastic frame

  • Non-polarized

  • Very durable

  • Plastic lens
classic glasses
classic glasses
classic glasses

Vintage style Glasses

Coasion vintage has a beautiful and stylish leopard print frame with golden sleek arms.

A budget-friendly solution to a pair of great-looking glasses to stand out in the masses, or like me if you just like glasses and want 20 pairs, these come at a price where it’s possible. 

They come in different colors for those of you who want something else.

Find the best price here: COASION Vintage Glasses

Retro non prescription glasses

6. TIJN Vintage

  • Plastic lenses

  • Rx-able to change lenses

  • Spring Hinges

  • Wont fall off when you lower head
classic glasses
classic glasses
classic glasses

Retro non prescription glasses

The TIJN Vintage glasses are made very well. The clear plastic hasn’t turned yellow like some under quality frames I have purchased and they are sturdy. 

My friend loved the look of the glasses so much that she also purchased them.
Great quality and design. I would highly recommend them. They also are RXable so if you want to change from non prescription to prescription they work very well.

I tried both the “gold fade” and “G” models because they looked the same but in doing so also discovered that the “gold fade” does indeed have that rainbow sheen on the lenses. But the “G” model doesn’t have the rainbow tint and for that reason, I much prefer the “G”. Otherwise, they are identical in style.

Find the best price here: TIJN Vintage glasses

Retro non prescription glasses

That was my article about Retro non prescription glasses, hope you found something you could use and if not! then take a look in one of our other retro and vintage articles HERE