Best Retro Headphones for Gaming

If you want the best retro headphones for gaming, then this is the article for you. I specialize in finding the best retro gear on the market, so I can share it with you.

There are many manufacturers who are now creating Retro Headphones, which have a retro look and feel to it, they are brand-new headphones that have that old school rock charm.

Retro headset and mic

Headsets are one of the most important things in a gaming setup, having great sound is pretty much 50% of the gaming experience, where the other 50% is, of course, the visual aspect.

There is one other thing we are missing when we talk about the gaming experience, and that is the option to communicate with others in-game, for that we will need a mic, and some headsets come with a mic built in, while others don’t.

Headsets with a mic built in are considered gaming headsets, but the selection of headsets with a mic is just too small, so in this article, we will dig a little deeper and look at headsets without mics and then find a desk mic to go with it.

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Best Retro headphones for gaming with a mic

best best retro headphones for gaming

#1 Cadence CA501 The best retro headphones for gaming

What we are looking for is something Retro in looks, but with great sound too.

Here we got the Cadence CA501, it’s a high-quality Aviator headset with crystal clear sound and a professional mic to go with it.

Cadence the company behind this headset, has really done an excellent job here, every detail is finely polished as are the mechanics of it.

It has AirPunch+ high fidelity audio drivers, to sure that you have the best possible audio quality, just like the ATC mic which gives a crystal clear voice representation. 

Cadence CA501. (click to check current price)

sennheiser retro headphones for gaming

#2 Sennheiser Momentum

So here we have the Sennheiser Momentum, one of the best brands in the world when it comes to sound quality.

Sennheiser is known throughout the world, as one of the best brands all-over for precision, that’s probably why they use the G4me Zero for all the big gaming tournaments around the world. 

This headset is no exception when it comes to quality, this is pretty much as good as it gets, the details are spot on and the materials high grade.

So if you want PREMIUM this is it.

Sennheiser Momentum

koss porta pro headphones

#3 Koss Porta Pro

If you want something more casual the Koss Porta Pro would be a great choice. It’s not on par with the two other headsets, but it will do fine for 90% of all casual gamers.

It’s lightweight and wireless so you can run around with it, without unplugging all the time.  

Sound quality is really good and like the old wired model, it is foldable. 

Battery life is around 12+ hours, so for most people that will be more than enough.

Koss Portha Pro

wireless retro headphones

#4 Marshall Major III Bluetooth

30+ hours of wireless playtime on a single charge, and of course with a mic built in.

This is not a typical gaming headset but has a beautiful retro look over it, and it will do the job just fine if you just need something casual. 

Marshall is well known in the music industry, and these puppies will do very well on a daily basis too. 

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

Best Retro Headphones for gaming

And now let’s get on with the headsets without a mic, this will give us a much wider range of headsets.

And further down I will help you find, some Retro mic’s that will fit your setup.

Audio-Technica 700x - best headphones for directional accuracy

#1 Audio-Technica AD700X

The best gaming Headphones out there PERIOD… 

Audio-Technica ATH AD700X is as good as the ADG1X but with a price of 91$, it’s only a third of the price.

This could be to milk the gamers a little, by creating a “GAMER” Headphones.

Buy a good Condenser Mic and you have an even better setup than with the ADG1X.

Audio-Technica ATH AD700X

#2 Sennheiser HD 599 my own pick for retro headphones for gaming

Sennheiser HD 599 is really a premium variant of the G4me one with its brown leather and sleek design.

This is a perfect Retro alternative, which gives you the same high specs and comfort.

I have just ordered this myself just because I love the g4me one so much.

Sennheiser HD 599

Master & Dynamic MH40 best retro headphones

#3 Master & Dynamic MH40

The mh40 is one of the best closed back headphones you can get unless you spend $1900+ for the Audeze closed back or the Fostex.

Even my non-audiophile girlfriend, who complains about the money I spend on quality sound, can tell the difference between any headphone and the mh40.

Interestingly, when I got her to do a test she went back and forth between the mh40 and my Audeze several times before she ultimately picks the Audeze. That says a lot.

Master & Dynamic MH40

Best retro headphones - Sony MDR7506 Professional

#4 Sony MDR7506 Professional

Sony MDR7506 Professional Stereo Headphones are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, and video. – and virtually any application where high-quality sound is required.

They do a really good job rendering sound in games too, and they have that old-school look to them that we love.

They keep all outside noise away, so you can concentrate while gaming.

Sony MDR7506 Professional

#5 Panasonic Retro Wireless cheap retro headphones for gaming

Now, this is a new one on the market, they are as retro as it gets and they are wireless, but how about gaming? 

They are a little to the heavy side, but that’s to expect for a Bluetooth headset, the sound stage is balanced without anything special to mention.

For the money, I would definitely recommend them, for the casual gamer who wants the right look.

Panasonic Retro Wireless

Best retro headphones - Fostex RP

#6 Fostex RP stylish retro headphones for gaming

All I can say is that these cans are some of the best cans I’ve ever heard.

They are so damn thick, rich, and precise! Bass is really present, smooth, and detailed. Vocals aren’t as forward as something like the m40x but are extremely filled out and pleasant to listen to.

The soundstage isn’t very wide, but the placement is very precise.

Gaming in these is really immersive, no matter if you are playing F1 Racing or Counter-Strike.

Fostex RP

Best retro headphones - Koss Pro-4AA

#7 Koss Pro-4AA

Whether you’re a sound professional or an audiophile the Pro4AAs delivers the excitement of a live performance.

One of the most ruggedly built headphones you can buy, the headphone weighs a hefty 19 ounces — that’s more than double the weight of the average full-size headphone sold today.

They are more neutral than most other $100 headphones and built like a main battle tank for decades of use.

You aren’t going to go running with them unless you want a severe neckache, but if you want some very good and very reasonably priced high-quality stereo headphones, these are a pretty good choice even after all these years.

Koss Pro-4AA

Best Retro microphones for gaming

I hope you found a headset that you like, now let’s get on with the headsets that don’t have a mic and what we can do.

The best microphones are normally a desk mic (condenser mic), they have a bigger sound stage and just sound more lifelike.

retro mic for gaming

#1 Samson Meteor USB

If you’re thinking of getting a new mic, then look no further.

I’m a gamer, so I use the mic a lot to talk to friends and make occasional videos. And it is absolutely perfect for that, connect the USB and your good to go.

I definitely think I made the right choice. It’s really well built and seems like it’ll last a long time. It produces great sound quality even when relatively far from my mouth, but even better when it’s really close up.

I would definitely recommend getting this one if you’re a gamer/casual video maker.

Samson Meteor USB

retro mic for gaming

#2 Blue Yeti Nano USB

Fantastic microphone for recording and gaming.

This is pretty much as good as its big brother the YETI, but the problem with the YETI has always been that it is just to damn big. 

Now, this fella is just the right size and a lot nicer if you ask me, and yes the YETI has some extra features but not enough to make choose it over the NANO.

This Golden version will fit perfectly into every Retro setup.

Blue Yeti Nano USB

retro mic for gaming

#3 Shure MV51 USB

The depth and tone quality of the sound it picks is amazing.

For both home recordings, aspiring and professional vocalists, this mic is highly recommended, not to mention streaming.

High quality, great built and looks highly durable. You could also mount this on a stand.

Well thought out ergonomics, a lot of thought went into this design and build.

Shure MV51 USB

Audio interface and condenser mic

This is the last and most extreme setup you could do, but there are some really cool stuff out there if you do.

Hope you found this article about retro headphones for gaming interesting and found something.

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