Best Retro Chair for Gaming

Best Retro Chair for Gaming, if you’re into gaming like I am and want a unique retro chair, then this is the article for you. I specialize in finding the best retro gear on the market.

The following are my favorite retro chairs, ranked from #1 to #6. The ranking is my own impression of the chairs in looks and feel.  But obviously every single chair is different and every person is different, so check them all out, because you may see things differently from me.

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Now let’s get on with it.

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#1 Flash Furniture High Back retro gaming chair

The Flash is pretty much the coolest gaming retro chair EVER, it offers everything a modern gaming chair does, but with style and finish, so if you don’t like the racing car seats, that 99% of all gamers sit in and want something unique, then this is it.

Other Retrophiliacs will envy you so much when they see this beauty.

    • High Back Design with Headrest
    • Built-In Lumbar Support
    • Tilt Lock Mechanism
    • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob
    • Contoured Seat and Back
    • Waterfall Seat promotes healthy blood flow
    • Swivel Seat
    • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
    • Padded Arms

This baby will keep you comfy for hours and hours when you’re playing that favorite game of yours or crushing the stock market 24/7.

Get the best price here: Flash Furniture High Back

retro chair

#2 Armen Living retro gaming chair

The Armen Living is a great alternative to the Flash Furniture Chair.

You will find all the same stylish features and the comfyness to.

So treat yourself to luxury with this retro office chair. Designed with a high back and unique headrest featuring a multi-functional mechanism to adjust your seating position for ultimate comfort in seating.

This chair Stands out with a sleek chrome finish, black faux leather and walnut veneer back, giving it a Retro-modern feel, that will make this the perfect chair for your retro gaming room.

  • – Comfortable and Stylish
  • – Ergonomic concept
  • – Adjustable 
  • – adjustable cushions
  • – relieve fatigue

This chair will definitely not disappoint you. 

Get the best price here: Armin Living 

retro chair

#3 Acme Hamilton retro gaming chair

Acme Hamilton is a Retro inspired office/desk Chair.

One of the reasons why Retro modern Furniture is so well loved is that it can blend ever so seamlessly into your existing interior decor and this chair is the creme de la creme in this Instagram time we live in, it is so gorgeous and pretty much perfect in all aspects.

  • – Real leather
  • – Comfortable 
  • – Ergonomic concept
  • – Adjustable seat height
  • – Dark Legs

The choice of Instagrammers all over.

Get the best price here: Acme Hamilton 

retro chair

#4 Porthos Home Noah

Porthos Home Noah is a more compact version of #1 and #2, it’s lower and has no headrest, but if that’s what you’re looking for, then this would be the choice.

With a soft backrest, padded leather seat, this chair fits easily into your desk or workstation.

The back curve relieves fatigue and the wide headrest, increases the range of head movement, and meets the needs of neck protection at all angles.

  • – Ergonomic concept
  • – Adjustable seat height
  • – Relieves fatigue
  • – Padded arms

A great choice if you’re looking for a white or small chair.

Get the best price here: Porthos Noah 

lean office

#5 Porthos Home Lennon

Now here we got a really cool leather and wood chair for you, it has a really minimalistic feel to it.

The flat design and floating arms make this chair a really beautiful adición to your setup.

Every little detail here is taken care of, with this beautiful design.

  • – Ergonomic concept
  • – Adjustable seat height
  • – Relieves fatigue
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment Knob

High back with no need for a headrest.  

Get the best price here: ACME Purlie 

small new york

#6 Armen Living Diamond

Armen Living Diamond is an extra small retro chair.

This is for those of you, that live in a 10 square foot apartment in NY.

  • – Diamond leather design
  • – Small
  • – Solid walnut frame
  • – Faux leather

Really stylish and yet comfy enough for hours at the workstation. So don’t think that just because you live small, that you can’t have a stylish setup.

Get the best price here: Armen Living Diamond 


#7 Eurotech Seating Nuvem

The last one on the list is kinda a joker.

This retro chair is really out there, a mix of Retro and Futuristic design.

To be honest, this one is my own favorite chair, I have just ordered it myself.

The way they did the woodwork here, is just phenomenal, the curves and the structure combined with the colors, is just pretty much perfect.

  • – Perfect in all ways
  • – Exclusive
  • – Teak finish
  • – Real leather
  • – Award-winning design

Get the best price here: Eurotech Seating Nuvem 

Magazines often show retro style interior decoration of mixed styles and objects from the past, second hand and new.

These chairs will fit perfectly in those magazines, they have the feel and the right look for a real Retro chair. Find other retro chairs HERE.

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