Best Retro Office Chairs

As a retro enthusiast, nostalgia is a way of life. The memories of my childhood and the simpler times are something that I hold dear and the memories are always close to my heart.

When it comes to furniture, I am especially drawn to the vintage and retro styles, and there is nothing that excites me more than how well retro furniture was designed.

The beauty of some of these chairs lies in their simplicity and the elegant lines that they possess. These chairs are designed to last and are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Also the design evokes feelings of comfort and familiarity, and when I sit in one, I feel like I have been transported back in time. 

For those of us who love retro and vintage, these chairs are not just a functional piece of furniture, they are a statement piece that showcases our passion for the past.

The following are my favorite retro office chairs, ranked from 1 to 11. The ranking below is my own impression of the chairs in looks and feel.  But obviously every single chair is different and every person is different, so check them all out, because you may see things differently from me.

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Steelcase Series 1 Office retro Chair

1. Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair.

Oh, the Steelcase Series 1 retro Office Chair – pumpkin colored, ergonomic and rolling! This is a real beauty.

If you’re like me, a retro fan who loves the classic designs of yesteryear, you’re going to love this chair.

Let’s start with the flexor system in the backrest – it moves with you as you change postures and provides all-day comfort and support.

The adjustable lumbar support allows you to dial in even more comfort, while the fully adjustable armrests pivot, shift, and raise up and down to provide steady support for your arms.

But what really sets the Steelcase Series 1 apart is its build quality and durability. It’s designed to withstand 24/7 use while still providing maximum comfort.

The proprietary seat cushion design uses built-in air pockets that conform to your body and reduce pressure from long-term sitting.

And the flexible seat edge offers just the right amount of bend to relieve pressure points under your thighs.

let’s not forget about the ease of assembly! This chair took me less than 4 minutes to put together and it looks great. Plus, the website customer service is top-notch, answering all your questions and concerns.

If you’re on the market for a home office chair that provides comfort, adjustability, and a classic look, the Steelcase Series 1 is a great choice. The only wish I have is that the lean had locking points besides straight up. 

In conclusion, the Steelcase Series 1 retro office chair offers premium seat comfort, adjustability, and a retro look that will surely bring a smile to your face every time you sit in it.

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IDS High Back Walnut retro Office Chair

2. IDS Home High Back Walnut retro Chair

Let me tell you, this ID Home High Back Chair is a real beauty! It’s the perfect blend of vintage style and modern comfort.

The walnut wood finish gives it a classic touch, while the PU leather adds a touch of luxury. The curved ergonomic design and bentwood seat swivel make it super comfy, especially with the added headrest lumbar support.

The height adjustment function and executive wheels make it a great choice for anyone who spends long hours in front of the computer.

This chair is also a breeze to assemble, taking just 15 minutes to set up. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a medium-sized office chair that’s comfortable, stylish and functional.

Whether you’re tall or short, the height adjustment function ensures that you’ll be able to find your perfect fit.

The PU leather is soft and pleasant to the touch, making it a great choice for your home office. It’s also waterproof and easy to clean, which is a real bonus.

The high density shaping foam provides added comfort and support, making it perfect for those long work sessions.

And let’s talk about the bentwood material! Inspired by Le Corbusier’s elegant designs, this chair is a true work of art. Bentwood has been used for centuries in furniture making, and it’s easy to see why.

It’s lightweight, graceful, and has a natural beauty that is hard to beat. The brown color adds a touch of warmth to any room, making it a great choice for any retro fan.

So if you’re looking for a chair that’s both stylish and functional, look no further! This ID Home High Back Walnut retro Chair is the perfect choice.

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3. Zesthouse retro Office Chair

Step back in time with the Zesthouse Retro Office Chair! This beauty combines mid-century modern style with industrial strength construction for a truly unique piece of furniture.

The retro design aesthetic is showcased through the hand-woven rattan backrest in a red oak tone, paired with a thickened faux leather cushion. The premium chrome base and clear lines complete the seductive silhouette.

Not only is this chair eye-catching, but it’s also practical. With a sturdy frame, height adjustable gas lift, and smooth nylon wheels, this chair can handle up to 260 lbs with ease.

Use it in your home office, bedroom, living room or as a vanity chair for the girls and women in your life.

The Zesthouse team has put their heart and soul into this chair, striving for a balance between practicality and aesthetics.

The beech back frame has rounded edges and a curve-outlined frame, while the 2.6-inch cushion thickness and 3.2-inch adjustable height provide ultimate comfort.

The 22-inch diameter base is a space-saving touch that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Assembly is a breeze with all the necessary hardware and tools included, as well as an illustrated manual.

So why wait? Get your hands on this aesthetic and practical masterpiece today!

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glitzhome Mid-Back Office Chair

4. Glitzhome Mid-Back Office Chair

The Glitzhome Mid-Back Home Office Chair. This vintage-inspired piece is the perfect addition to any retro-loving workspace.

From its thick PU leather padding to its ergonomic design, this executive swivel desk/task chair is not just stylish, but also practical and comfortable.

With its heavy-duty base, painted metal base in matte black, and cream leatherette upholstery, this chair is built to last.

The walnut bentwood support, ergonomic curved mid-back, and cushioned long stitched stripes on the seat and back give this chair a contemporary touch that’s sure to impress.

And the adjustable tilt tension knob, 360 degree swivel, and multi-direction wheels make it a versatile addition to your home office or workspace.

So why choose the Glitzhome ergonomic home office desk chair? Well, for starters, we spend a third of our lives sitting in chairs, so it’s important to choose a comfortable one that’s good for our health.

This chair is a great choice because it effectively alleviates the discomfort associated with long hours in the office.

And the best part? It’s not just a regular office chair – it’s also a statement piece! The sleek, modern design with a hint of vintage class is sure to catch the eye of guests and bring a touch of personality to your space.

Plus, it’s a versatile piece that can be used as a computer chair, staff chair, vanity chair, or even a bar stool.

So if you’re looking for a stylish and practical addition to your retro-inspired workspace, the Glitzhome Mid-Back Home Office Chair is the way to go!

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Christopher Knight Home Desk Chair

5. Christopher Knight Desk Chair

I have to say the Christopher Knight Desk Chair is a throwback to the good old days. It’s a perfect blend of modern functionality and vintage style.

The navy blue color is simply divine and will bring a touch of sophistication to any office or home office.

This chair has got a wide, armless seat that provides ample room for even the most fidgety of us. The extra plush seating and tufted seat back will make you feel like you’re sitting on a cushion of clouds.

The chrome base with plastic castors gives it a stylish retro feel that’s sure to turn heads. The hand-crafted details only add to the charm of this chair.

With a seat height of 20.50 inches, the Christopher Knight Desk Chair is designed to be comfortable, whether you’re a shorty or a tall drink of water.

The seat width and depth of 22.00 inches and 17.50 inches, respectively, provide ample space for anyone.

Assembly is a breeze and will only take you a few minutes, so you can start enjoying your new retro office chair in no time.While some might consider this chair a budget option, I’d argue that you get what you pay for.

Sure, it might not be the sturdiest of chairs, but it’s perfect for someone who’s just looking for a comfortable place to sit for a few hours each day.

If you’re a heavy-duty sitter, however, you might want to look for something a bit more robust.But for the rest of us retro-lovers, the Christopher Knight Desk Chair is a great choice!

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Arts wish Mid Century Office Chair

6. Arts wish Mid Century Office Chair

The ArtsWish Mid-Century Office Chair is the perfect blend of retro style and modern comfort. This versatile chair has multiple adjustment functions, including a 360° swivel seat that can be raised or lowered to accommodate desks of different heights.

The back of the brown chair can also lean, and its height can be adjusted to find the most comfortable position.

The unique design elements and exquisite stitching craftsmanship make this Mid Century Modern Leather Office Chair a true work of art. The dark green color is clean and simple, exuding a retro charm without being overwhelming.

The surface of the mid-century chair is covered in Crazy Horse Patterned Leather, which is soft and delicate to the touch while still maintaining its texture.

The high-end sponge filling in the seat makes this chair incredibly comfortable, even during long working sessions. The black metal frame is classic and strong, providing ample support for sitting all day.

At ArtsWish, our goal is to bring you products that are full of creativity while still satisfying practicality.

We are passionate about home office supplies and strive for excellence in every detail of our products.

This chair is a great choice for teen home schoolers, as it’s both stylish and comfortable. It rolls easily over tile floors and is easy to assemble.

As one satisfied customer noted, they had no problems with screws fitting during set up, which some reviewers had previously expressed concerns about.

If you’re looking for an office chair upgrade, the ArtsWish Mid-Century Office Chair is a great choice. With its unique design, comfortable seating, and high-quality materials, it’s sure to be the centerpiece of any room.

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Ermnois vanity office chair

7. Ermnois vanity office chair

As a die-hard retro fan, I couldn’t be more thrilled about the Ermnois Vanity Office Chair. This faux leather desk chair exudes vintage charm and premium quality, with its sturdy metal support, adjustable height, and comfortable design.

With a weight capacity of 250lbs and a height range of 31.5″ to 36.2″, this chair is perfect for those who want to work in comfort for hours on end.

What sets the Ermnois Vanity Office Chair apart is its unique and beautiful design. The dark brown finish adds a touch of sophistication to any room, and the 360-degree swivel casters make it easy to move around.

The fine nylon used to make the casters ensures that they move quietly and smoothly, making it friendly to your floors, carpets, and mats.

One of the best things about this PU leather task chair is how easy it is to assemble and clean. The instructions and assembly tools included make setup a breeze, and the customer service team is always available to assist you.

The leather surface is also easy to clean, so you won’t have to waste any time on maintenance.

In my experience, the Ermnois Vanity Office Chair is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable seat for their home office.

The soft and comfortable seat provides good lumbar support, and the adjustable height and 360-degree swivel casters make it easy to find the perfect position. I spend 8-10 hours on this chair every day and have found it to be incredibly supportive of my back.

Overall, I highly recommend the Ermnois Vanity Office Chair to any retro fan looking for a high-quality, stylish, and comfortable seating solution.

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EDX Vanity retro Chair

8. EDX Vanity retro Chair

Step back in time with this retro-inspired Ermnois Vanity Office Chair! This stylish swivel chair brings a touch of mid-century flair to any space with its twill upholstery and low-back design.

Not only does it look amazing, it’s also incredibly comfortable!

Sink into the plush, high-density foam seat and lean back into the rounded backrest for a supportive and relaxing experience. The low-back design and lack of armrests make this a great option for anyone seeking ergonomic support throughout the day.

The yellow color is a showstopper, bringing a warm and cheerful touch to your home or office.

Edx, the brand behind this chair, is dedicated to providing people with quality products and great experiences. With an integrated design, manufacturing, quality testing, marketing, and delivery system, they lead the way in creating the best products for their customers.

This chair is not just stylish, but it’s also incredibly stable. Perfect for everyone, whether you’re a student, an office worker, or an elderly person who needs a little extra support.

Its five 360° casters are also friendly to your floors, making it a great option for any space. And if you’re worried about quality, don’t be! It’s plenty comfortable to work in and easy to assemble, with the added bonus of being easy to clean.

So why wait? Upgrade your office or vanity space today with the Ermnois Vanity Office Chair. With its eye-catching appearance, comfortable foam, and supportive design, you’ll be the envy of all your friends and colleagues!

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Porthos Home Selma Chair

9. Porthos Home Selma Chair

As a retro fan, I have to say, the Porthos Home Selma Chair is a real winner! This designer office chair takes all the best bits from the mid-century era and combines them with modern comfort and style.

The curved wooden armrests and premium quality polyurethane leather seat give a sophisticated look and feel, making this the perfect addition to any home or office space.

With a height adjustment feature, you can set the chair to your preferred seating level and the easy glide casters make movement effortless.

The easy-clean polyurethane leather seat is low maintenance and means you won’t have to worry about coffee stains or spills.

The retro vibes are real with this chair, but it’s not all about the looks. The luxurious foam padding and armrests add extra comfort, while the height adjustable feature, easy roll casters, and stainless steel chrome-plated base give it the functionality you need in an office chair.

With a weight capacity of 265 lbs, this chair is sturdy and built to last.

As an XL sized guy, I found this chair fits me just fine and makes no noise, unlike what one review had mentioned. It was easy to assemble with no broken parts, but I question the long-term durability of the vinyl.

The seat and armrests could use a bit more padding for my comfort, and the lumbar support could be better. My wife and I recently bought two of these chairs to complement four other Porthos Executive Office Chairs, which have a more stylish look.

These Selma chairs, however, have a more traditional shape and ergonomics that fit more people comfortably and are great for longer meetings.

In short, I’m thoroughly impressed with this retro-inspired office chair. It’s stylish, comfortable, and the perfect finishing touch for my apartment makeover. I’d definitely recommend it and would buy it again. Here’s hoping it holds up over time!

Get the best price here: Porthos Home Selma Chair

Kwokwan Executive Chair

10. Kwokwan Executive Chair

Alright retro fans, listen up! If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired office chair that will make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time, the Kwokwan Executive Chair is the way to go!

Made of high-quality PU fabric, this chair is perfect for home offices, workstations, or meeting rooms. It’s got a super-cool high density sponge upholstered seat, with adjustable seat height and tilt control, as well as stylish upholstered armrests.

The metal base and silent aluminum casters are super smooth, giving you the perfect vintage vibe.

This baby is built to last, with a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, including all the casters, bases, armrests, seat mechanisms, and hardware kits. It’s the perfect combination of old-school style and modern-day functionality.

And, let’s not forget, the dimensions of this retro beauty are 24 x 22 x 38-42 inches (WxDxH), with a seat width of 18.8 inches, seat depth of 19.6 inches, and arm height of 26-29.5 inches.

You’ll love the way it looks in your office, and even better, you’ll love how comfortable it is! It’s the perfect chair for anyone who spends hours on their computer, with a slightly leaned-back design that’s comfortable even when locked in place.

And don’t worry, the all-metal base is super solid, so you won’t have to worry about any breakage issues like you might with other chairs.

This is a chair that’s easy to assemble, taking only about 10-12 minutes to put together. And, bonus, you’ll even get a few spare bolts “just in case.” Whether you’re looking for a vintage-style office chair for your home or office, the Kwokwan Executive Chair is the way to go!

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Outmaster 360° Office Desk Chair

11. Outmaster 360° Office Desk Chair

As a retro fan, I must say, I’m loving the Outmaster 360° Office Desk Chair! This chair has got some serious style, and the chrome finish base is a real eye-catcher. It’s not just good looking though, it’s also built to last.

The chair is made from deluxe PU leather and high elastic foam, so you can be sure it’s comfortable as well as sturdy. The high load capacity, which can hold up to 400lbs, means it’s strong enough to support you, no matter your size.

I love the fact that this chair is ergonomically designed, with a backrest that fits the curve of the human spine, which helps to maintain good posture.

And the smooth chrome finish base is rust-resistant, so it’s ready for long-term use. I can see myself using this chair for a long time to come.

It’s a great height, too. I’m 5’1″, so it’s great to have a chair that goes up to 24″ height. I can use it at my dressing table or take it out to the kitchen for extra seating during holidays, knowing it’s rated to hold my larger family members. And although it rolls well on hardwood floors, be careful if you’re sitting on it on carpeting, as it can be a little slippery.

The faux leather is soft and white, which is perfect for my use, and I’m hoping it’ll be easy to clean with a gentle cleanser when needed.

There was a bit of an odor when I first opened the box, but it’s dissipated now, and it came nicely packaged with the main cushion encased in a shipping slipcover. The seating area is small, though, so if you’re a bigger (wider) person, it may not be the right choice for you. But overall,

I think this chair is a great choice for any retro fan who’s looking for a stylish and practical office chair. With its sturdy construction, comfortable design, and versatile height, this Outmaster 360° Office Desk Chair is the perfect addition to any retro-inspired space!

Get the best price here: Outmaster 360° Office Desk Chair

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