Man Cave Decor

Man cave decor is a lack in a lot of caves, men are just not good at decorating in general. 

Let me help you a little with this article and let’s decorate 🙂

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  • Floors 

  • Walls 

  • Lighting

  • Furniture

  • Areas

  • Wall graphics

  • Signs

retro man cave decorations


Floors in your cave are not the most important thing but it is a nice touch.

Worn hardwood floors, raw concrete or carpets tend to be the best look for a.

Vinyl or epoxy floors could also be used. 

Again think of your theme before starting with random stuff that just looks good.


Paint is a cheap way to make a room change drastically but my favorite choice is to use wallpaper or stencils.

Vinyl canvases with big pictures of wooden finishes are getting really popular.

The picture shows how you could use a canvas as a wall decoration. Find them at here Canvas walls


How is your cave lighting ? do you have big windows or maybe it’s in the basement.

I would use LED strips around the room but behind shelves and under furniture, if you do it like that it will give you a nice and soft light. 

Get some cool selling lamps or find a couple of standing light spots. 

retro lighting for your man cave

Man Cave Furniture

Furniture is probably the most important thing in a cave, they fill up the room and make it cozy.

You can get massive bean bags, retro chairs, and custom themed couches.

Just remember to keep is relaxed, this is your place and you can have it just how you like it. 

retro man cave furniture

Man Cave Areas

Where do you plan to build your man cave?

A basement is always an ideal choice, but what if you don’t have one, then a garage or an attic would be fun ideas too, the last thing is to do it in a normal room of your house.

Special places to do a man cave: build it in a caravan, a boat or maybe in a cabin in the woods, even a treehouse could be fun.

best man cave

Man Cave Wall graphics

Wall graphics are a really cool way to change the look and feel of a room.

You can use it to change your cave theme completely.

This Mario theme is just a taste of what you can do to make a custom build design. 

Buy them here Wall graphics

retro gaming man cave graphics

Man Cave Signs

Signs and Posters for your walls is a must.

Lighted neon signs with bright colors different logos, and fun statements.

There is a bunch of these online for every kind of cave theme.

Old number plates and other warn down plates are a hit too and they are really easy to find online.


retro man cave signs

As you can see there is a lot of things you can do to decorate, keep in mind that you just have to like yourself, start with a theme and then go down the list and try finding a couple of ideas to make it all go together.

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I hope this article helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff and articles we have a lot of great ones in our posts section.