Youtuber setup

Getting started with your youtuber setup

Getting the right youtuber setup can help you get to the next level in youtube streaming and stand out. 

1: What are you streaming?

2: What is your budget?

3: Stand out.

4: Put in the work if you want this.

future retro youtuber setup
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#1 What are you streaming?

Your Setup should reflect, what you are talking about in your channel. If you are talking about cars then do a car themed setup, with rims and some car magazines on the shelves. Another idea could be to do a garage setup and go all the way with your own car in the background.


Streaming games is getting bigger and bigger all around the world and young people are actually living off it. 

Getting the right gaming Setup is really important when you want to take things to the next level, on my site I specialize in trying to get people to think outside the box and try out something different and stand out.  


Reviews are almost getting impossible to get around when you surf youtube, people want to see and hear about things before they buy it them selfs. 

Reviews are a gigantic industry in itself, people are getting paid for promoting certain products on the internet and youtube is a perfect platform for that.


News is not only for big news stations, but small companies and even solo youtubers are also getting millions of views every day.

Mainstream media is dying slowly and independents are taking over the show.

Consistency is the key here.

#2 What is your Budget for a youtuber setup

No matter if you have the money to buy a Lambo or not, you still have to be creative and resourceful if you want to make it on Youtube. People want to see something interesting, they want to be entertained and that’s your job.



1: Performance: High-performance PC top of the line camera and mic + additional premium editing software.

2: Design: Go all out, get something that people haven’t seen before, something unique and exclusive something 100% themed around your channel.

3: Customization: Put your own brand logos on your gear and get a professionally made intro to your videos.  



1: Performance: Maby hold a little back on the PC and focus on getting a really good mic, most cameras today can film in 4k so get a decent one.

2: Design: Keep your theme clean and simple and always try to match your colors to your scenery.

3: Customization: Find small gadgets and decorations on Amazon to finalize the theme of your setup. 



1: Performance: Now if you have to start from almost no money then you have to be more creative than most, use your phone for filming and get a decent headset for voice recordings.

2: Design: Try doing it differently here,  record from interesting places and around the city.

3: Customization: Wallpaper can be a cost-effective decoration and it’s cheap, also your clothes could make you more interesting. 

#3 Stand Out with your youtuber setup

Be bold and stand out. Don’t be like everybody else, find your own style and go all out, build something people will admire and get inspired by. 

Here you see a couple of my build ideas for a streaming setup, these will surely stand out from the rest of the crowd with their matching color scheme and unique retro look. 

Ice Blue Retro youtuber setup

ice blue youtuber setup

Modern brown youtuber setup

brown youtuber setup

Future Retro youtuber setup

future retro youtuber setup

Green 60's retro youtuber setup

green youtuber setup

This is just what I like and maybe your style is totally different, mix it up and find your own style, take a look at all our products right HERE. or use the navigator below.

Retro Vlogging Camera for your setup

Finding a retro camera for vlogging and youtube. 

The Fujifilm X-A5 is a budget-friendly high-quality camera with all the features you will need to make fantastic videos, it’s light, has all the right features and it’s really easy to use.

Key features:

  • 4K Video  
  • Selfiescreen  
  • Retro design
  • Advanced filters for skin tones
retro camera for youtuber setup

What they could do to improve: The only thing I’d like to see is 4k 60fps.  That’d be nice for some cinematic slow motion stuff at 4k, but you can do it at 1080p 60fps and few people will notice.

Retro microphone

Blue Spark SL 

Based on the original Spark, this studio condenser microphone, Spark SL excels at delivering detailed and transparent sound to your recordings with a new level of versatility and sound quality. Featuring a new streamlined build, refined sonics, and versatile switches, Spark SL will transform your creative space into a professional studio.

I do not own this mic but I have had the opportunity to test it several times in my friend’s studio, he is a Vocal coach and professional Podcaster, so he does a lot of daily work on it.  

Old School Microphone

It has a very clear and unpolished sound to it. Looks is amazing if you love something that has that old school charm, but still wants great quality. One of the better mics out there and really versatile. 

Find the best price here Retro Microphone

Retro Lighting

Retro lamps and lighting for your youtuber setup.

Light is the most important thing if you want great video quality, natural light is always the best option, sit near a big window with your face towards it or get some (soft light) lamps to get the best light setup. 

Find the best price here Retro Lighting
lighting for retro youtuber setup

Wall Canvas

Vinyl canvases with big pictures of wooden finishes are getting really popular, and a lot of the big YouTubers are using them as an easy scenery swap.

It’s a cheap and easy way to change the look of your surroundings in your room.

All professional photographers use these, so they can switch between scenes for photoshoots. 

Find them here Wall Canvas

#4 It's Hard Work being a youtuber

100.000 Subscribers don’t come easy, you have to go the extra mile and make your videos special, my angle is the visual part, by doing things just a little different I make my things stand out by doing a retro setup.

So if you already have a small or a big youtube channel, then why not go the extra mile and make it unique with a retro setup.

Become your youtuber channel

From now on you have to live and breathe what your channel is about, seek out other like-minded YouTubers and expand your knowledge about the subject.

Dress and talk like you have never done anything else, you have to become an expert so people come to you for advice and news.

One last thing… DONT give up.

If you’re consistent and put out decent content regularly you will get there in time. (Always remember a cool Thumbnail)


I hope this article helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff and articles we have a lot of great ones in our POSTS section.