What are the best retro headphones?

best retro headphones 2022

If you want the best retro headphones, then this is the article for you. I specialize in finding the best retro gear on the market, so I can share it with you.

There are many manufacturers who are now creating Retro Headphones, which have a retro look and feel to it, they are brand-new headphones that have that old-school rock charm.

What are the best retro headphones?

The best retro headphones to buy in 2023 (updated) are in our opinion, probably the Master & Dynamics MH40 or the Sennheiser Momentum. The sound quality, build quality, and bang for your buck were taken into consideration in this article. Depending on your budget you should definitely take a look at our Top10 list for 2023. 

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Best retro headphones top10

Master & Dynamic MH40 best retro headphones

1. Master & Dynamic MH40

  • Over-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 45mm Neodymium drivers
  • 0.77 lb
  • 32 ohm
  • 120 dB
  • 5Hz – 25kHz

Let me tell you, my friends, about the most spectacular pair of closed-back headphones I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. The MH40 by Master & Dynamic is nothing short of a retro auditory masterpiece. For a moment, forget the exorbitant $1900+ price tags on the Audeze closed-back or the Fostex Premium. These beauties will steal your heart for a fraction of the price and deliver a breathtaking sound quality that even my non-audiophile sweetheart can’t help but notice.

These retro-inspired headphones boast 45mm neodymium drivers, 32 ohm impedance, 120 dB sensitivity, and a frequency range of 5Hz – 25kHz. The MH40 is dressed to impress with an elegant design and exquisite color options like black, silver, and gunmetal. Every detail is crafted with care, featuring high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

As I slide on the soft leather ear cups and lose myself in the music, I’m transported to another time and place. The rich and detailed sound caresses my eardrums, delivering well-defined bass, midrange, and treble frequencies that leave me breathless. The passive noise isolation wraps me in a cocoon of sound, shielding me from the distractions of the world outside.

Adding to their versatile charm, the MH40 comes with two different types of cables and a built-in remote and microphone, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. It’s hard to believe that a fashion-oriented company could create something so acoustically stunning, but here they are – the most balanced sounding headphones under $500.

These Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones have become my number one choice, a testament to the value they offer. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality pair of headphones with a touch of vintage passion, look no further. The MH40 is a sonic delight that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Best retro headphones - Sennheiser momentum 2.0

2. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0
best retro headphones with Bluetooth

  • Over-Ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm drivers
  • 0.57 lb 
  • Passive: 28 ohm and active: 480 ohm
  • 113 dB
  • 16Hz – 22kHz 
  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • 22-hour battery life

So here we have the Sennheiser Momentum, one of the best brands in the world when it comes to sound quality.

Sennheiser is known throughout the world, as one of the best brands all-over for precision, that’s probably why they use the G4me Zero for all the big gaming tournaments around the world, which I use myself for gaming.  

The headphones have a stylish and modern design, and the leather ear cups are both soft and durable. The audio quality is exceptional, with clear and detailed sound across all frequencies.

The active noise cancelling feature is effective at blocking out external noise, and the battery life is impressive. Overall, the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones are a top-tier option for anyone looking for a high-quality audio experience.

So if you want PREMIUM and Bluetooth this is it.

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Best retro headphones - Fostex RP

3. Fostex RP 
Retro headphones made in wood

  • Over-ear
  • Semi-open
  • 50mm drivers
  • 0.83 lb
  • 50 ohm
  • 92 dB
  • 15Hz – 35KHz
  • African Mahogany

All I can say is that these cans are some of the best cans I’ve ever heard.

They are so damn thick, rich, and precise! Bass is really present, smooth, and detailed. Vocals aren’t as forward as something like the m40x but are extremely filled out and pleasant to listen to.

The soundstage isn’t very wide, but the placement is very precise.

Gaming in these is really immersive, no matter if you are playing an F1 Racing game or Battlefield.

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Best retro headphones - Sennheiser HD 599

4. Sennheiser HD 599

  • Over-ear
  • Closed-back
  • 38mm drivers
  • 0.55 lb
  • 50 ohm
  • 106 dB
  • 12Hz – 38,5KHz

After getting an EQ I was able to tune these to fit the sound I love, and I can easily say these are some of the best headphones I’ve ever had, much better than my M40X’s.

They have a surprisingly good amount of base considering they are open-back headphones, but it does not drown out any sound.

The earpads took a day or two to get used to, and now I can’t take them off because they are so comfy. I can wear these for hours and my ears refuse to hurt. 

Find the best price Sennheiser HD 599

Audio-Technica 700x - best headphones for directional accuracy

5. Audio-Technica 700x
Retro headphones for gaming

  • Over-ear
  • Open-back
  • 53 mm
  • 1.25 lb
  • 48 ohm
  • 117 dB
  • 5Hz – 30kHz

I’m a big-time gamer and I don’t know how these Audio Technica ATH-AD700X have done it, but they nailed the directional audio.

I can feel when someone is in front of me to the right… or behind me to the left. The way the noise hits in the headphones is amazing!

It’s greatly improved my game and now instead of hearing footsteps and trying to guess where it’s coming from I actually know with 100% assurance, that they’re to the right and in front of me or whatever the case may be.

I am so happy I bought them! I’m a Global Elite in counter Strike, so I’m not a bad player, finally, I can “sound whore” as the best of them!

Grab a Modmic as well, some of the reviews say it’s hard to attach, but it’s not true, it was super easy.

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Best retro headphones - Sony MDR7506 Professional

6. Sony MDR7506 Professional

  • Over-ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40mm
  • 0.5 lb
  • 63 Ohm
  • 106 dB
  • 10Hz – 20kHz

Sony MDR7506 Professional Stereo Headphones are ideal for sound monitoring in recording studios, radio, film production, and video. – and virtually any application where high-quality sound is required.

They do a really good job rendering sound in games too, and they have that old-school look to them that we love.

They keep all outside noise away, so you can concentrate while working.

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Best retro headphones - B&O H9i

7. B&O H9i

  • Over-ear
  • Closed-back
  • 40 mm
  • 0-5 lb
  • 38 ohm
  • 97 dB
  • 20Hz – 22kHz

This is definitely a listener headphone: meaning, for chilling and enjoying a piece of music instead of using it as a production headphone for mixing/mastering or recording music, even though it is very flat, well balanced, neutral sounding and everything, but it doesn’t quite have a punch (compared to an ATH-M50 a monitor headphone by Audio-Technica). 

So, high-quality sound for enjoying music, which is its intended purpose!

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Best retro headphones -

8. GRADO SR125x

  • On-Ear
  • Open-back
  • 50mm drivers
  • 0.6 lb
  • 32 ohm
  • 99.8 dB
  • 20Hz – 20kHz

These are my first Grado cans. After owning these for 2 days I can say I’m pleased! At first, I was shocked by how bright and almost painful they were. After just 12 hours they already seem to be mellowing out a little.

The bass response by itself is thin, but gradually improving. When listening on my LG V20 I need to boost the bass quite a bit. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean these are weak. In fact, they are very capable of producing deep rich bass, but not the kind of overblown, unrealistic thumping bass that many popular headphones produce.

These are very balanced…the way the artists heard their music in the studio. The real magic happens when I plug these into my vintage Sansui 661 receiver! Mind-blowing good! I literally, hear things I never noticed before in songs I’ve heard hundreds of times.

They are also very comfortable for me. I can wear them for several hours and not get sore ears.

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Best retro headphones - Koss Pro-4AA

9. Koss Pro-4AA

  • Over-ear
  • closed-back
  • 50mm drivers
  • 1.5 lb
  • 250 ohm
  • 95 dB
  • 10Hz – 25kHz

Whether you’re a sound professional or an audiophile the Pro4AAs delivers the excitement of a live performance.

One of the most ruggedly built headphones you can buy, the headphone weighs a hefty 19 ounces — that’s more than double the weight of the average full-size headphone sold today.

They are more neutral than most other $100 headphones and built like a main battle tank for decades of use.

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Best retro headphones - Panasonic RPHTX7

10. Panasonic RPHTX7

  • over-ear
  • closed-back
  • 40 mm
  • 0.48 lb
  • 40 ohm
  • 99 dB
  • 7Hz – 22kHz

These are very lightweight and have clean and clear mids and highs. There is very little bass though which can have a disappointing sound for some songs.

They look pretty good and, more importantly, they fit comfortably, are relatively lightweight for over-the-ear headphones, and create a tight seal — not only do they passively block out a lot of sounds, but they also don’t leak any sound, making them suitable for cubicle use at work.

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Hope you found this article about retro headphones interesting and found something.

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