Retro Style mens Watches

retro style mans watches

Retro Style mens watches the perfect accessory for a man who wants to stand out in a crowd. Watches have always been a fascination of mine, it’s one of the only “men’s jewelry” that is accepted and used all around the world.

Growing up I got my first watch when I was 4 years old, it was the original Flik Flak watch a quality watch that was created specifically to teach kids to tell time. I still get nostalgic every time I see that watch and hold it. 

I don’t know if it was already in me as a child that I have this love for watches, but I really am fond of watches and have 16 I think 😀 Many of them are disassembled into a million pieces because of one of my other passions “small mechanics”. I just love to see the inside and how amazingly small all the bits and parts are.  

My love for watches goes well with my passion for retro stuff, vintage and retro watches is a giant industry in the world, so finding new things all the time can be a problem for me, especially the days when my wallet gets empty hahahaha.  

These are some of the coolest and most stylish retro watches I have and know about, let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there.

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Here are some of the coolest retro-styled men's watches

1. Bauhaus Watches with a retro classic look

Nomos Glashütte Autobahn

Nomos Glashütte is a Watch company from Glashütte in Germany, they specialize in automatic and manual winding watches.

The Nomos watches are exclusively designed around the Bauhaus movement, they are most known for their stylish and minimalistic style.

NOMOS Glashütte is a part of the Deutscher Werkbund, formed in the spirit of the Bauhaus movement and a group with interests of companies that combine handcraft and industrial production, combined with design and functionality.

The Nomos Autobahn Neomatik you see here was designed by Werner Aisslinger and the Nomos team, this is absolutely one of my favorite watches to come out in the last couple of years.

Every single detail on this watch has been thought about, from the buckle design for extra comfort and the strap materials that are smooth as silk, Nomos is just really good and beautiful Bauhaus retro design.

Find it here: Nomos Glashütte

Junghans Max Bill

Junghans was established in 1861 by Erhard Junghans and  Jakob Zeller-Tobler in Schramberg Germany. The company started its wristwatches production in 1927, in the 1950s the Bauhaus designer Max Bill joined them and started to make watches for Junghans and stayed there for many years.

Junghans presented a solar-powered watch with ceramic housing in 1995. Together with the Japanese clockmaker Seiko, a globally-oriented wristwatch that automatically sets to local time in respective time zones.

Junghans uses its own Junghans J880.2 movement. It’s a 25 jewel, 28800 BPH movement, one of the most reliable chronograph movements. 

The Max Bill here has a dome-shaped glass crystal that makes it really special, you can’t help to notice all the micro details they have done to it, I just love the heritage behind this piece, I don’t think you could go wrong with the Max Bill Chronoscope if you’re looking for a special and functional dress watch.   

Find it here: Junghans Max Bill

What is Bauhaus?

Bauhaus was a German art school from 1919 to 1933 it combined fine arts with craftsmanship. The school got famous for its approach to minimalistic design and colors. They mixed mass production with individual artistic vision and aesthetics with everyday functionality.

The Bauhaus style had a major impact on art and architecture trends all over the world though only 700 students attended the Bauhaus during its short life of 14 years.

The school’s design ideals eventually reached millions around the world and to this day we still see the philosophy on modern design. The school was closed when the Nazis closed the school in 1933, that event actually made the artists scatter all over the world and spread their vision even further.

The Nomos Autobahn Neomatic

Junghans Max Bill

2. Casio retro watches

Casio digital calculator watch

This is the Casio DBC611G-1D calculator watch, a watch for a “Real” geek, or someone who wants to get rid of the phone and still be able to use a calculator on the go.

When they released the watch back in the 80s it was really ahead of its time, it has a lit-up display, and a real calculator built int to it. 

The watch is made from stainless steel with a golden coat it really looks awesome, the design is like nothing else out there Casio is the original calculator watch brand in my opinion.

Casio made this watch as retro as it gets, super fun and stylish watch with details all over, like the bracelet that just flows with the case and without any visible hinges.

Wearing this watch really makes you feel nostalgic and takes you back in time, something I absolutely love.       

Casio digital retro watch

So here we have one of the coolest watches Casio have ever made, the Casio A1168WA-1 Electro Luminescence, this is a watch you have to see in real life to appreciate how good it actually looks. 

Casio was founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan. In 1957 they introduced the world’s first electric compact calculator, something they are still well known for today.

Casio was actually one of the earliest manufacturers of quartz watches, both digital and analog, and with their expertise in calculators, they combined the two and started making calculator watches.

The Casio here is extremely lightweight coming in at around 2 ounces, the luminances are a cool retro yellowish beam light, that comes from the side and gives it an old school look.

This watch is just a no brainer, you won’t get disappointed.   

Find it here: Casio A168WA-1 Electro

3. Nixon Retro Style mens Watches

Nixon Dork Too geek watch

The Nixon Dork Too…. A watch that actually “Tells Time”. This watch does exactly that it speaks to you and tells you the time.  

This watch has a super retro geek vibe to it but in a really cool way. I mean it this watch stands out! the polish, the curves, and the whole feel of it is just awesome.

It is well made, a little chunky but still comfortable to wear. It’s just such a fun and special watch, that can easily be used with a full suit or just a t-shirt.

The only negative thing I have to say about this watch is, the Dorks LED display is extremely dull, even if you have the light pressed all the way down. But hey! who needs anyways when you have a talking watch!

Thinking about getting one? Just do it! it’s an awesome retro digital clock.

Find it here: Nixon Dork Too

NIXON Time Teller retro watch

The Nixon Time Teller A045 is a True original icon of the Nixon heritage.

The minimalist design of the Time Teller is the perfect accessory for your style, while its 10 ATM waterproof rating means getting wet is no big deal.

The Time Teller here in gold and green is absolutely one piece of stunning time-telling machinery.

This is yet another one that has to be seen to appreciate how beautiful it really is. The design here is way up in the top with all the super expensive swiss watch brands, this Nixon watch is just a steal for the price.  

The retro vintage curves and colors fit extremely well together and combined make this beautiful timekeeper. I would personally pick this design over high priced Rolex watches any day because I don’t really care about the price, I would never buy something because of a name or brand.

In a shorter sentence… I LOVE THIS WATCH.   

Find it here: Casio A168WA-1 Electro

That was my article on retro style mens watches hope you found something useful.

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