Retro mini fridge

Retro mini fridge

Retro mini fridge. Welcome to RetroSetup’s round-up of the coolest retro mini fridges available to buy right now in every style and at every price point.

Having a cool looking mini fridge for your office or your man cave, can really make it stand out. They are perfect as a little snack box or a conversation starter at the office. 

If you’re into that old school vibe like I am then don’t hesitate, you will fall in love with these little coolers. 

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Retro mini fridge some of the coolest ones I have found

1. Cooluli Mini Fridge Coca-Cola Americana Retro

Retro mini fridge coke

Cooluli Coca-Cola retro specs

  • 10 Liter/12 Can

  • ultra-quiet

  • weighs 7.9 lbs

  • Outer dimensions​ 11.4″ D x 9.4″ W x 13.4″ H

  • Inner dimensions 7.2” W x 6.7” D x 10.6” H
vintage mini fridge size
vintage mini fridge

Cool little mini-fridge from Cooluli. Checked the temp with a thermometer and it keeps everything between 40-45 degrees which works for my needs.

I haven’t checked the warming option yet (but from what I read on the smaller version, it works well). I like the idea of being able to use it in the car for a long road trip with its adapter but haven’t needed that yet.

I think the retro coke look is fun and the overall unit seems sturdy and well made. I took out the middle shelf to fit my taller bottles which was easy to remove. You can hear the fan when it is on and you’re close to it, but it’s not loud or annoying.

Find the best price here: Cooluli Coca-Cola Americana

2. Frigidaire Retro Mini Refrigerator

Retro mini fridge pink

Frigidaire Retro Mini specs

  • 6 Can

  • weighs 4.6 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 10″ x 7″ x 10.5″ inches

vintage mini fridge

This is really a looker, what a beautifully made mini-fridge.

The fridge is not very big and holds only 4-6 cans so definitely not a family fridge 🙂 quality is decent but seals cant be compared to real fridges, they arent that great. 

It does cool 4 cans within an hour  from when you turn it on so for a little office it would be perfect.

Find the best price here: Frigidaire Retro

3. CAYNEL Mini Fridge

Retro mini fridge green blue

CAYNEL Mini Fridge specs

  • 4 Liter/6 Can

  • Cooler and warmer

  • weighs 5 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 7.2″ W x 9.95″ D x 10.83″ H

  • Inner dimensions 5.3″ L x 5.5″ D x 8.3″ H
vintage mini fridge

The Caynel mini-fridge, I just love it!! It’s the perfect size for a desktop fridge to keep a few drinks cold, or it can be used in the car too with the 12V car adapter it comes with.

It’s highly efficient and 100% freon free.

If you need to keep your facial products and medicine cold, this would be a cute way to do it in your bathroom or bedroom. can’t recommend it enough it’s just worth every penny.

Find the best price here: CAYNEL Mini Fridge

4. Uber Chill Mini

Retro mini fridge orange

Uber Chill Mini specs

  • 4 Liter/6 Can

  • Keeps drinks cool or warm

  • weighs 3 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 11.4″ D x 9.4″ W x 13.4″ H 

  • Inner dimensions 7.2” W x 6.7” D x 10.6” H

Uber Appliance’s goal is to create the highest quality appliances you will ever encounter!

That’s their own words, but how does it stack up? Well it does as advertised, it cools and it warms and for those of you driving around all the time, it has a power plug for your car.

This is such a retro-looking mini-fridge. Nothing at all to says against the look of it.

All in all a great mini fridge you would be happy to have.

Find the best price here: Uber Chill Mini

5. Coca-Cola KWC-4 Retro

Retro mini fridge cola bear

Coca-Cola KWC-4 retro specs

  • 6 Can

  • Thermoelectric cooling

  • weighs 4.7 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 11.5 D x 7.4 W x 10.4 H

vintage mini fridge

Cool retro fridge with coca-cola design. It holds 5 normal cans and not 6 as it says.

It’s a very simple fridge like the Uber chill and does what it’s supposed to do (chill things).

Definitely worth the price and lasts for a very long time for a small fridge! The perfect gift for that person who has everything!

Find the best price here: Coca-Cola KWC-4 retro

6. Coca-Cola DC04 Diet Coke mini Cooler

Retro mini fridge diet coke

Coca-Cola DC04 mini Cooler specs

  • 4 Liter/6 Can

  • weighs 7.9 lbs

  • self-locking 

  • Inner dimensions 5.5” L x 5.75” W x 85” H

Complaints about the noisy fan are true. Unfortunately, it is a bit loud if you are sensitive to noise, though a really cheap fix with a replacement fan like the Arctic F8 would work fine.

On cooling: I think some people are confused about how a thermoelectric refrigerator works. “Normal” refrigerators cool food by cooling the air and blowing it around with a fan, or in some cases by cooling all the interior walls.

Since the air and walls have a low thermal mass, refrigerators work BEST when they’re mostly full of cold items. So, in general, you want to keep them full or almost full, and in small ones if possible you want to pre-cool the items before putting them in (unless you have a lot of time available to remove all that heat.)

To sum up, a great purchase for the money spend. 

Find the best price here: Coca-Cola DC04 Diet Coke

7. Koolatron CVF18 Retro vending fridge

Retro mini fridge vending machine cola

Koolatron vending fridge specs

  • 18 Liter /10 Can

  • Features push-button vending

  • weighs 16.5 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 25.5″ H x 9″ W x 15″ L

The Koolatron Retro vending fridge is pretty cool as a novelty, but beware the cooling plate will frost up, the frost will melt and you are likely to end up with a puddle on your table or countertop…

Another negative is the drop of the canned drink- the panel on the bottom doesn’t insulate the fall so when you open a can it spills out.

It does look great and push-button dispensing actually works. It will keep cans fairly chilled but not super ice cold.

Find the best price here: Koolatron vending fridge

8. Coca-Cola Koolatron CC12 fridge

Retro mini soda can fridge cola

Coca-Cola Koolatron CC12 specs

  • 10 Liter/8 Can

  • shaped like a Coca-Cola can

  • weighs 10 lbs

  • Outer dimensions 11″ D x 11″ W x 17.8″ H

First I’ll start off with the positives about the coca-cola cc12 fridge. It’s lightweight, really attractive and it also does cool things pretty well.

The negative part is it is quite large for what it can hold. And more than that, the insides don’t hold temperature very well at all after you power it down.

Overall, it’s not bad, because it does keep things quite cold, and you can put most things in it (2-liter bottles you have slant a little).

Particularly at work, it can save you money, and give you a much better selection than the vending machines since you can bring in whatever you want. You will also get comments on how beautiful it is.

Find the best price here: Coca-Cola Koolatron CC12

I hope this retro mini fridge article helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff and articles we have a lot of great ones in our Posts section.