Man Cave Ideas

Getting your first man cave ideas is really exciting, whether it’s a small or a big project. 

I specialize in retro themes and all my thing in this article will be retro-themed but all the ideas will still be applicable for other themes.

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  1. Ideas

  2. Themes

  3. Colors

  4. Specials

man cave ideas for car

Man Cave Ideas

Man caves are usually themed and really interesting.

This is the place where a man, can unfold his strange and stupid ideas hahaha.

It has to stand out and be more than just a normal living room IKEA set.


sports man cave ideas

Get crafty by making your own custom things out of old scrap and re-paint it to give it your own style.

Remember, cheap man caves don’t have to look like crap. You’d be amazed at what a simple can of paint, a decent rug, and a retro leather sofa and chairs can do to a room.

With most man caves leaning towards industrial and masculine in design, Retro objects are an easy buy. Their cheap, they have plenty of character and history and best of all, they look downright cool.

Lastly, consider cabin grade flooring if you’re in the market for some hardwood floors for your cave. It costs significantly less than normal grade and comes with imperfections that add more character to the room.

Man Cave ideas for themes

  • Retro

  • Sports

  • Beer

  • Gaming

  • Tech

  • Western

  • Castle

  • Playboy

  • Dungeon

  • Industrial

  • Cars

  • Travel

  • Tiki

  • Casino

  • Cinema

  • Handyman

  • Graveyard

  • Hunting

  • Pirate

  • Spy room

Man Cave ideas for Colors

Man cave colors are not the most important thing but a general rule in design is to use base colors like white black grey and wood, this is ceiling floor and walls.

your furniture and your decoration can have lots of colors but try not to go to insane, keep it in the same 2-3 colors to get the best overall theme and look.

Here you see a couple of my retro setups for YouTubers and how I try to color match the builds. You can take a look at them right HERE.

Retro gaming pc setup

Man Cave Specials

Special items that you just need in a man cave.

Man cave Entrance

You need a really cool entrance to get into your man cave, a secret passage behind a fireplace or a metal stripper pole that goes done to the basement.  

A giant neon sign that says “Beware Man Cave”  or just a metal plate like this one.

man cave warning sign

A place to relax

Man caves are designed to give us men a little breathing room from the Wife and the daily routine.

We need our own space so we can play and do all our crazy “experiments” a place to relax and charge our batteries.  

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