Retro gaming pc

Building your first retro gaming pc whether it’s retro or not is quite a task, so if you want a little inspiration then this is the right place for you. Try finding a full theme and color matching it.

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Retro gaming pc setup

We have gathered a selection of products for your Retro gaming setup below.


First, you would need to get a desk, something that would fit into your theme.

I usually prefer wooden desks, they just feel and look better than modern gaming desks made of metal and plastic.

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wooden gaming desks


A good chair is really important if you, like me sit there for hours every day.

Are you the person that likes wheels on your chair? how about ergonomics is that a must for you, or maybe design is your thing.

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retro chairs


Now, this is a tricky one, there are not really any brands out there that produce retro monitors for pc rigs.

What I like to do, is to find something anonymous and then paint it or modify it, with wood or metal to give it that old-school vibe.

retro gaming pc


Retro gaming Keyboards is a really popular topic right now.

wooden and typewriter themes are what a lot of the bigger brands are making.

The coolest thing though is keyboard modding.

What you do is, you buy a standard mechanical keyboard and pull off all the keys, then you go to Amazon or wish and buy keys in the colors you want.

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retro gaming pc keyboards


Just like monitors, a retro mouse is hard to find on the market, but I have done the footwork and found you a couple of mice that would fit a retro theme setup.

And remember modding is always an option.

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mouse for retro setup


There are many manufacturers who are now creating retro gaming headphones that have a retro look and feel to it, brand-new headphones that have that old school rock charm.

Having great sound is pretty much 50% of the gaming experience, so don’t save money here.

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retro gaming pc headset


The best Headphones come without a built-in mic so let’s fix that.

A desk mic (condenser mic) Has a bigger sound stage and just sounds more lifelike, and if you create youtube videoes like me, then this is a must.

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retro microphones


Speakers…. You always want a pair of badass speakers!

When you’re home alone and just wanna game some racing game or just want to watch a movie then speakers are the way to go.

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Retro speakers

I hope you got inspired to do your own Retro gaming pc someday maybe take a look at Pinterest to get inspired even more.

We do articles like this all the time so check back once in a while.

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