Retro Gaming Mouse

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A retro gaming mouse is a mouse that is designed to look and feel like an old-fashioned mouse. It usually has a round shape pastel or pop colors and small of size. They also usually have a scroll wheel and two buttons.

Retro computer mice are often made out of colorful plastic combined with metal decorations, and they can be used with a computer a laptop, or tablets.

You can even get newer mice, with the look and feel of retro, but with the insides, of modern and high-tech mice. Here we have found, some of the coolest looking retro mice out there, that will send you back to the 80’s. 

Lofree 2.4G

Azio RM Retro

Logitech Marble

Elretron PENNA


Hyperkin SNES

Logitech MX Master

Microsoft Surface

Jelly Comb