What is Retrophile?

What is Retrophile? 

A Retrophile is one who loves things from the past or has the characteristic of it. Old looking things that give a nostalgic feeling, often in pastel blue or bluish colors.

People that love retro often end up doing a whole room or even a house in a retro theme, women especially love the retro-fashioned clothes from that era.

words to describe this subject could be:

Retrohpile - Retrophiliac - Retrophilic - Retroholic


I am a Retrophile

Above is just a couple of the products that I have on the site.

When looking for Retro themed products you can use days and days before finding something useful, and that’s why I decided to gather some of the best products here.

Why I like Retro, well after a lot of years gaming and trying always to have the coolest and newest gear on the market I just got bored of it and then one day I saw a really cool old school build on Pinterest and fell in love with custom builds the look retro and old classic.


A lot of things these days get reproduced with better hardware in it or in higher quality but keeps the old school look and feel.

Its called Retro, and it’s getting more and more popular around the world, its the counter answer to all the High-tech led and futuristic things being made these days. 


What I am doing

retro setup purple retrophile
retro setup brown retrophile
retro setup green retrophile

I find the best Retro products around the World and try matching them.

I want to help people get into Retro gaming like I am.

Above is just a couple of my full setups, go into my products page and find a whole bunch of really cool retro inspired products.

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