10 of the coolest Retro bluetooth speakers 2023 update

Retro bluetooth Speakers. They really look cool besides your bed, in your office or in the kitchen. They could kinda fit in almost everywhere and that’s the charm of retro.

I am a self-professed retro freak and my collection ranges from headphones, speakers, furniture and all sorts of things. I have purchased all my products myself, so I have absolutely no allegiance to any manufacturer.

Here are the best retro bluetooth speakers

The best retro Bluetooth speakers to buy is, probably the Sangean WR-12BT retro speakers with Bluetooth. The sound quality, build quality, and bang for your buck was taken into consideration in this article. Depending on your budget you should definitely take a look at our Top10 list, of retro Bluetooth speakers. 

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Our Top10 retro bluetooth speakers

best retro speakers

1. Sangean WR-12BT best retro bluetooth speaker


  • AM/FM
  • Aux
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.1 
  • 9.4 lb
Sangean WR-12BT retro speakers

This is my second Sangean Radio purchase. I first bought Sangean WR-22WL AM/FM-RDS/Bluetooth/USB Table-Top Digital Tuning Receiver (Dark Walnut) to use as a clock radio in my bedroom.

I was so impressed with that radio that I purchased this Sangean WR-12BT for my living room. Sangean makes some of the best sounding tabletop radios on the market. This particular one is stereo with a subwoofer. 

The Sangean WR-12BT sound is rich and fills the room like a much larger unit would. It is a good looking retro-style radio that is simple to use and is simple in function.

This radio has a 3.5 mm jack in the back to allow you to play other devices through the aux. The tuning and reception of AM and FM are superb. The built-in antenna works well. There is an F connector for 75-ohm cable on the back to connect an external FM antenna.

There are screw-type connectors for an external AM antenna. I choose to install an outdoor antenna to bring in as many stations as possible. This antenna is about the best you will get: Winegard HD-6010 HD FM Radio Antenna You will not be disappointed with the purchase of this table-top radio. Sangean Rocks!

Get the best price here: Sangean WR-12BT

portable retro speakers

#2 Muzen OTR Portable retro bluetooth speakers


  • 8-hour battery life
  • AM/FM
  • Bluetooth 
  • 2.25 lb
Muzen OTR Portable retro speakers

The Muzen OTR Portable (which stands for On The Road) is a Bluetooth speaker-radio cross and looks every bit like a radio straight out of the 60′, with its analog dials and retro metal finish, but rest assured that the speaker comes equipped with technology from the 21st-century. 

The Muzen OTR also comes with a fancy little leather bag with a strap on it, so you can swing it around your neck and take it for a walk. It also comes with a sheet of stickers from Muzen.

The speaker comes with three dials, two smaller ones near the bottom and a larger one up top. The Metal is to the heavier side. On the plus side, at least it can also be used as a paperweight. 

Get the best price here: Muzen OTR Portable 

turntable retro speakers

#3 Victrola 50's turntable speaker


  • Cd-player
  • AUX
  • AM/FM
  • Bluetooth 
  • 8.38 lb
Victrola 50's turntable retro speakers

I can’t even explain in words how awesome the Victrola 50’s Record player is. Very well-made, high-quality. It comes very well packaged. Beautiful color Teal brings back the memory of an old 50’s Corvette.

The Victrola 50’s sounds just like you would expect from a record player and that’s what I was looking for. Comes with CD player and radio along with software giving you the option of recording the record directly as an MP3 onto your computer.

Sound is just what you would expect from a record player and that’s what I was looking for. Comes with CD player and radio along with software giving you the option to record directly to MP3 onto your computer. Incredible radio speaker and a Great price as well.

Get the best price here: Victrola 50’s 

mini retro speakers

#4 Trenbader Artlink


  • AUX
  • AM/FM
  • Bluetooth 
  • 1 lb

You will like the Trenbader Artlink if you want a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t look like everything else. The manufacturer nailed it with the retro vintage look and feel, and the little delightful touches, like the lighted dial and the knobs.

Its more modern features include the subtle audible tone between setting clicks, and the LED indicators, which do not take away from the style of the rest of the unit. I do wish the smaller knobs were easier to turn, and maybe slightly larger, but this is a small complaint.

The audio is great for the price. Also, the name of the model is the Trenbader Artlink, but the box it says ‘Troubador Artlink’ on the side, as does the actual nameplate on the faceplate. And the instruction manual says ‘Trenbader’. I guess we have to expect manufacturing inconsistencies.

Definitely, buy this if you like how it looks and don’t mind its size. You will be impressed.

Get the best price here: Trenbader Artlink 

portable retro speakers

#5 ClearClick VB19 Active retro bluetooth Speakers

  • 45W
  • Active Bass
  • AUX
  • Bluetooth
  • 9 lb
  • 5-Year Warranty
ClearClick VB19 Active retro Speakers

The ClearClick VB19 has real premium leather and a very nice brown and gold accent.

The bass, treble, and volume levels are very swift and engaging. It pairs easily.

ClearClick VB19’s Sound quality is okay nothing special there but for the money, you won’t get disappointed. Connect your phone, tablet, or MP3 player to the speaker through wireless Bluetooth or aux-in and you’re ready to go.

For the $ it’s almost perfect.

Get the best price here: ClearClick VB19 

#6 LOFREE Poison Wireless

  • 20W
  • AUX
  • FM/AM
  • Bluetooth
  • 1.21 lb
  • 6-hour battery life

Retro styling combined with modern functions, The LOFREE Poison Wireless has radio and great production quality.

I live in a mid-century modern era home with furnishings mostly from that period, so these little novelty retro styled speakers fit well in my overall decor. I keep one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen.

Sounds quality is good for this size unit.

A few minor points to criticize are the long cycle times between functions with the press of the function button while cycling through.

I find that the built in voice is a touch annoying and also a bit loud for my taste. 

Overall, pleased with the speaker. A good little portable speaker that works well, cool retro styling and well made. Highly Recommended.

Get the best price here: LOFREE Poison Wireless 

#7 JONTER Bluetooth

  • FM/AM
  • Bluetooth
  • 0.88 lb

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive bluetooth speaker with an FM radio. After looking at different products, most didn’t have a very good sound, or the FM couldn’t pick up any stations.

I finally found the JOINTER Bluetooth and despite its small size, the sound is really good…and I’m kind of picky. Certainly no Bose….but it does have a nice full sound. The FM picked up all the local stations without an additional wire antenna, though it does come with one.

AND, it came with an instruction booklet!

A big thumbs up!

Get the best price here: JOINTER Bluetooth 

#8 Muzen Audio Cotton Candy Button

  • Ultra compact
  • Bluetooth
  • 0.79 lb

I bought the Muzen Audio Cotton Candy Button mainly for aesthetics and because I love tiny things. I was extremely surprised by how loud the speaker got and how it didn’t distort any sound even at full volume.

I own Bose speakers but this is so portable and just overall better looking so I’d rather take this guy out with me lol! This was a gift to myself so while it may be pricy for the size, it makes up with the sound. All my friends want one now and even my speaker fanatic friend wants to buy one as well.

Get the best price here: Muzen Audio Cotton Candy Button 

#9 Marshall Acton Wireless Bluetooth

  • FM/AM
  • Bluetooth
  • 6.9 lb
  • Powerfull speaker

I really like this speaker. I own several other bluetooth speakers, and I wanted a speaker for office use only.

I found this one and decided to try it. this speaker really sounds great. deep bass, clear mids, and crisp highs. it’s definitely one of my favorite bluetooth speakers, and one of the best I’ve owned.

I also love the genuine Marshall look. it reminds me of the days in the 70’s and 80’s, when the guitar player in bands I played in were using Marshall stacks. five stars from here!

Get the best price here: Marshall Acton Wireless Bluetooth 

#10 Victrola Retro wood

  • FM/AM
  • Bluetooth
  • 2.83 lb

With the Victrola Retro Wood, you get a pretty good value for the money. The retro appearance is attractive. For its size the sound quality and signal strength are great.

I like the fact that it has a bass/treble tone control. I saw several more expensive radios that did not.
Now for the complaints. The so-called wood case is not wood. It is an unknown substance covered with a wood-grained contact paper. At least for the FM band, the rotary dial is wildly inaccurate. This makes tuning in a station very frustrating.

Overall I like the size, I like the look and the sound is acceptable. I would recommend it.

Get the best price here: Victrola Retro Wood 

Hope you found this article about Retro Bluetooth Speakers interesting and found something you like.

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