Retro Toasters - 7 cool bread burners

best Retro Toasters

You get up in the morning, you go out to the kitchen start up your new fire factory and seconds later your nose starts to pick up the smell of delicious roasted bread ready for a slice of cheese.

Retro toasters: Welcome to RetroSetup’s round-up of the best and coolest retro toasters available to buy right now, in different styles and price points.

The way they did food in the 50’s just had so much more elegance to it, the drive-in’s, the milkshake bars and the rockabilly style was just awesome.

Technology is so last year, retro and vintage styling are trending and it never loses it’s cool.

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1. Nostalgia RTOS200 The Cadillac of retro toasters

cadillac Retro Toasters

Nostalgia RTOS200 retro specs

  • 2-Slice extra wide

  • Crumb tray

  • 5 browning levels

cadillac Retro Toasters
cadillac Retro Toasters
cadillac Retro Toasters grill

The Nostalgia toaster works really well, it will toast hard bread and items like gluten-free bread, with one round on a high setting, instead of having to put your bread through two cycles. Don’t forget to turn it down on your next go around with regular bread or it will be Cajun style.

Use the built-in defroster to speed things up a little.

It’s a stunning addition to the kitchen, definitely a toaster to leave on the countertop! English muffins and a thick slice of gluten-free bread each on setting 4; all comes out nicely toasted. It also has an easy to remove crumb tray.


Find the best price here: Nostalgia RTOS200MEG 

2. Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR Retro

vintage Retro Toasters

Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR specs

  • 2-Slice extra wide

  • Toasting timer on the side 

  • Variable browning control

OK here’s the deal, the Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR is probably the best toaster I have ever used in my entire life! This toaster reminds me of the toasters that we had when I was growing up. It toasts wonderfully and a couple of cool features, such as a defrost bread button and a bagel button which only toast one side! How awesome is that?

Once you know your toast level preference and set it, your toast is perfect every time. Love the fact that it also tells you how long it will take for your toast to be done.

Find the best price here: Russell Hobbs TR9150CRR

3. Keemo retro toasters

Retro Toasters

Keemo retro toasters specs

  • 2-Slice

  • Defrost function

  • 6 Browning levels

The Keemo retro is a beautiful little toaster that works like a charm!

It’s such a piece of “countertop candy”…the metal part sandwiched between the colored sides is chrome and as reflective as a mirror – Perhaps it will show fingerprints, but since this is the part of the toaster that gets HOT, why would you ever touch the shiny metal parts.

The blue side does not show any fingerprints at all, the blue is more of a Tiffany blue than it is a true Torquoise “It is gorgeous”. I love having clear control of the degree of toasting. It works great on whole wheat bread and multigrain rolls, both were nicely toasted without drying out and without burnt edges.

I highly recommend this toaster and am sure you would be really pleased with it.

Find the best price here: Keemo retro toasters

4. BUYDEEM DT-6B83G 4 slice retro toasters

4 slice Retro Toasters

BUYDEEM DT-6B83G retro specs

  • 4-Slice extra wide

  • Dual Independent Control

  • 7 Browning levels

This is a good-looking toaster with a really nice retro design that separates it from those modern-looking, stainless steel encased ones which gives a more cold, industrial feeling.

Its rounded edges/buttons, as well as a light touch of turquoise, are a morning breeze to a family about to depart to a busy day ahead. Most people are stressed in the morning so why not made it a little more beautiful and unstressed?

It works the way a toaster should and no manual-reading is needed. The extra-wide/deep slots are perfect for hand-cut slices from home-made bread or XL-sized bagels. Last but not least, I like how easy it is to wipe clean after use.

Find the best price here: BUYDEEM DT-6B83G retro

5. Keenstone WT-330 retro toasters

coolest Retro Toasters

Keenstone WT-330 retro specs

  • 2-Slice extra wide

  •  Removable crumb tray

  • 6 Browning levels

pastel Retro Toasters

The Keenstone toaster seems very well made by a company that cares about it’s product. Not only does the toaster have a lovely solid retro design and color i also does a great job at “Toasting”. 

One of the best parts if you have never used a toaster before, is an informational card that shows you how brown your toast might come out at each setting. 

It’s so beautifully done, I now have it hanging on my fridge because it makes me smile. On one side, each setting is used with white bread, non sugary and on the reverse side, you can see the slightly different shades of brown with sugary white bread. 

It shows that Keenstone cares about it’s customers. The quality is top-notch.

Find the best price here: Keenstone WT-330 retro

6. Fortune Candy Toaster

Retro Toasters

Fortune Candy Toaster specs

  • 2-Slice extra wide

  • Crumb tray

  • 5 browning levels

This toaster has everything you could possibly need. The controls are easy to use, the wide slots easily accept Texas toast, so a definite plus.

The browning control has numerous detents to find the perfect spot. Each and every piece of toast I make is perfect, the toast is browned evenly, too, which isn’t always the case with a lot of toasters.

One thing to keep in mind though, if you want to pop the toast early, you can’t push up on the handle because it’s locked, push the cancel button on the side and your toast pops up instantly, an extra boost on the handle helps you retrieve items seemingly stuck in the toaster, too.

Find the best price here: Fortune Candy Toaster

7. Pinlo 2 slice toaster

Retro Toasters

Pinlo 2 slice specs

  • 2-Slice

  • Automatic pop up high-lift

  • 6 Browning levels

This is the cutest little toaster! I love that it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, and the color is to die for!

They suggest you run it through a heating cycle before trying to toast anything. It comes with the cover, which I like and a warming rack, which I am sure to use from time to time.

The ONLY problem I noticed is the balance of the toaster, that it is a bit heavier on the control end so when you push the lever down to start the heating it tips a bit to that side. You should press it down slowly or use one hand to hold the opposite end down to keep it from tipping.

Hopefully in the future they will redesign with a counter-weight on the non-control end so it doesn’t need to be held down.

Find the best price here: Pinlo 2 slice

I hope this article about retro toasters helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff, we have more in our Posts section.