10 old school Retro Backpacks you want

old school retro backpacks

Retro and vintage-styled backpacks are still cool. These designs just don’t get old and some of them are over 50 years old, but still some of the best-selling backpacks in the World. 

Backpacks are a student’s best friend and they are really convenient when you have to carry around books and laptops all the time.

Personally, I love that my things have a little style that separates me from the masses, that’s why I love everything Retro and old school like these backpacks, they look a little different than most other backpacks but in a cool way. 

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Old school Retro backpacks my top 10

1. Fjallraven Kanken Classic Retro Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Classic retro Backpack

Fjallraven Kanken Classic

  • Capacity: 15 liter

  • Material: Vinylon F

  • Water-resistant 

  • Dirt-resistant

  • a lot of colors

Fjallraven Kanken Classic Retro Backpack Video

Old school retro backpack best pick overall

Fjallraven is actually a Swedish company that does everything they can, to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible, they never sit still and they have a saying in their company ‘room for improvement’ they always try to better themselves and make better products.

They produce everything under acceptable working conditions and not cheap Chinese factories with underpaid workers just to save a buck or two.

They make quality backpacks which reflects in the fell but also the price. You can get a cheap backpack for 10-20$ that would do fine, but here you get something that I actually love and that’s “design and history” When you buy a Fjallraven backpack, you buy a piece of a brand and that signals that you care about certain things in this world.  

If you are “Green” and want to send that signal, this is the backpack for people who cares about our nature.  

I just can’t recommend the Fjallraven Kanken enough.

Find the best price here: Fjallraven Kanken Classic

2. Eastpack Padded Pak R old school Backpack

eastpack old school backpack

Eastpack Padded Pak R

  • Capacity: 24 liter

  • Material: Nylon

  • 30-year warranty

  • A lot of colors

Eastpack Padded Pak R old school Backpack Video

Best retro pick for a long life backpack

If you went to school in the ’90s you’ll remember this iconic backpack, the “Eastpak Pak R” one of the most sold backpacks ever. 

People will often still have their old ones laying around because of the incredible 30-warranty. Eastpak is known worldwide for its extremely well built and durable backpacks that come in hundreds of colors.

I’m not biased but this was my own personal favorite backpack when I was 15 years old in the ’90s.

Mine was black and red, to this day I still remember the feeling when my hand grabbed the rubber straps and swung it over my left shoulder and headed out my door 🙂

They are not as “smart” as newer backpacks but they are lighter than air, and as old school as it gets.   

Find the best price here: Eastpack Padded Pak R

3. Himawari School Waterproof Backpack

Himawari School Waterproof retro Backpacks

Himawari School Backpack

  • Capacity: 16.5 liter

  • Material: Breathable Nylon

  • Waterproof

  • Padded strap

Old school meets new school modern retro backpacks

Himawari is one of the new kids on the block, and their backpacks are absolutely amazing!

Himawari means “Sunflower” it’s a Japanese brand and in my opinion some of the best retro colored backpacks out there, you really get something for your money here.

 The Himawari backpacks are primarily made for girls and young women, but hey it’s a backpack! nobody cares 😀

Find the best price here: Himawari School Backpack

4. Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Campus Backpack

Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Campus retro Backpacks

Vera Bradley Backpack

  • Capacity: 25 liter

  • Material: Quilted cotton

  • Hidden zip pocket

  • Machine washable

best retro backpack for girls

Vera Bradley was founded by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller back in 1982, it’s one of the most popular college backpacks for young women around the world.

The backpacks really stand out with their soft cotton material and super padded straps and back for comfort.

For girls the Vera Bradley Campus Backpack is a no brainer, it’s just gorgeous.

Find the best price here: Vera Bradley Campus

5. JanSport Right Pack retro backpack

JanSport Right Pack old school backpack

JanSport Right Pack

  • Capacity: 31 liter

  • Material: Cordura Fabric

  • Leather bottom

All-around old school backpack

The JanSport Right Pack is a super iconic old school backpack.

You have probably seen this backpack before, back when you went to school, it has a very distingue leather bottom that makes it easy to recognize, and super durable. 

When I see this backpack I get extremely nostalgic, my best friend had this exact backpack and wore it every day to school, this really brings me a ton of memories from my past.

If you want something that’s not too flashy and just does the job of being a good all-around backpack this is a good choice, and it will last you a lifetime.


Find the best price here: JanSport Right Pack classic backpack

6. Vaschy Classic school Backpack

Vaschy Classic school retro Backpacks

Vaschy Classic school

  • Capacity: 23 liter

  • Material: Synthetic

  • cool colors

Retro colors backpack

The Vaschy  Classic school backpack is a fun and spacious backpack, with colors that will make you stand out in a crowd.

The zippers don’t go all the way to the bottom of the bag, which allows you to fully open the bag and grab what you need without everything falling out.

The quality seems okay but the fabric on the bottom is a bit rough and has a cheap feeling, but it looks fine. The bag is roomy, has a lot of pockets for organization, and the straps are comfortable, the nylon is waterproof, which is great!

Find the best price here: Vaschy Classic school

7. MANCIO Slim Vintage Backpack

MANCIO Slim Vintage Backpack

MANCIO Slim Vintage

  • Capacity: 22 liter

  • Material: Nylon Oxford

  • USB charging port 

Stylish classic backpack with USB port

This Mancio slim backpack has a very unique design that gives it a high-quality feel. The colors are soo beautiful and match the leather details perfectly.

The fabric feels extremely durable both inside and outside and the zippers don’t feel cheap like nearly every other bag you buy these days.

It has a super-smart USB charging port on the outside, so you can place a power bank in the backpack and charge your phone while you walk around.  

Find the best price here: MANCIO Slim Vintage

8. Himawari Travel School Backpack

Himawari Travel old School retro Backpacks

Himawari Travel School

  • Capacity: 18 liter

  • Material: Canvas


Retro colors backpack

Just so you don’t get confused the Himawari Travel backpack doesn’t come with a power bank, it’s a USB that connects to YOUR power bank, and a USB plug on the other side for your phone charger.

But again a smart and really good looking backpack for people who are on the move a lot.  

Find the best price here: Himawari Travel School

9. Burton Tinder 2.0 Backpack

Burton Tinder 2.0 Backpack

Burton Tinder 2.0

  • Capacity: 30 liter

  • Material: Ripstop fabric

  • External compression straps

  • Lifetime Warranty

Retro travel backpacks best pick

This is the biggest backpack on my list, It’s the Burton Tinder 2.0. For travel and hiking, this would be my own personal choice, you can fit most normal stuff in it and the quality doesn’t get any better.

The Burton Tinder is very comfortable to wear all day and the straightforward and old-school shoulder strap system is still more comfortable than more complicated new designs out there.

Find the best price here: Burton Tinder 2.0

10. Zebella vintage Leather Backpack

Zebella vintage Leather Backpack

Zebella Leather

  • Capacity: 24 liter

  • Material: Top-grade PU

  • 14″ inch Laptop

Vintage style retro backpacks best pick

This is the Zebella Leather backpack, a backpack with a nice vintage look to it.

I like how it’s made and it looks good. It has a good weight and feels really comfortable. The pocket on the backside of the bag is a real plus and gives it a little extra.

It’s made of High-quality PU Leather and the buckles are made from stainless steel so it will probably last a lifetime.

If you like this vintage backpack look I would highly recommend it.

Find the best price here: Zebella Leather

That was my article on old school retro backpacks hope you found something useful.

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