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Retro Gaming Headphones

Retro headphones are a type of headphones that have a design that is inspired by older, classic headphones. They usually have an open-back design and are made from materials like wood or metal and are often made to look like they are from the 1950s or 1960s.

Retro headphones are often more expensive than other types of headphones, but some people believe that they offer a better sound quality.

Cadence CA501

Marshall III Bluetooth

JLab Rewind Bluetooth

Panasonic Retro



Sony MDR7506

Koss Porta Pro

Sennheiser Momentum

Master & Dynamic

Audio-Technica + mic


Avantree HT4189


I-MEGO Throne Poison

Audio-Technica 700X

Sennheiser HD 599

Fostex T50RP MK3

Audeze LCD-3

Ghostek Rapture Premium

Monolith M650