Retro espresso machine

You get up in the morning, you go out to the kitchen start up your new coffee factory and seconds later your nose starts to pick up the smell of roasted coffee beans turning into delicious warm espresso.

Retro espresso machine: Welcome to RetroSetup’s round-up of the best and coolest retro espresso machines available to buy right now, in different styles and price points.

I love the feeling when I make my own cup of warm espresso, how I have to grind and press it to get that perfect taste. Technology is so last year, retro and vintage styling are trending and it never loses it’s cool.

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1. SMEG ECF01RDUS retro espresso machine

Retro Espresso Machine

SMEG ECF01RDUS retro specs

  • 15 bar professional pressure

  • De-calc system

  • Single Thermoblock system

  • Removable steel cup tray for easy cleaning

  • User friendly control panel with 3 buttons

Retro Espresso Machine
fresh espresso coffee
espresso cup

SMEG ECF01RDUS is a solid and high quality espresso machine, with a beautiful 50’s retro style.

The coffee system is constructed out of stainless steel for durability. The user-friendly control panel makes using this machine a breeze. This machine really makes it a lot easier to make your own premium cup of espresso.

If you follow the instructions and grind the espresso beans right, you’ll get an amazing shot of espresso, like you have newer had before. 

The SMEG i everything you would ever want in a retro appliance, it has the right look and it does brew a fantastic cup of black caffeine 🙂

A great combination of features to keep you satisfied for years to come.

Find the best price here: SMEG ECF01RDUS Retro

2. La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola retro espresso machine

Retro Espresso Machine

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola specs

  • 8-cup

  • automatic milk foamer

  • 1000 Watts

  • Stainless steel

  • Lever-based

Retro Espresso Machine
fresh warm espresso
espresso handle

The La Pavoni is an amazing Machine. To potential buyers. It’s good but there is a a learning curve, you’ll need to buy a few extra things. A good grinder, a good tamper, and freshly roasted whole bean coffee.

Once you get it right, its better than most espresso machines, don’t feel the need to upgrade or tweak it, its all about the Fresh beans, the grind, and the barista(you).

Tamping: If your grind is good, you shouldn’t need to tamp particularly hard, the one thing to avoid is getting a situation where the shot appears to be coming out of only one side of the portafilter, this means that it’s found a hole somewhere that has allowed it to progress unevenly through the coffee.

I tried a few techniques to avoid this, including “gardening” the coffee with a fork or similar. turns out the simplest way to avoid streaming is to just give the portafilter a few good bangs on a rubber mat as you fill it, it just helps the lumps to spread out.

Find the best price here: La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola

3. Bellemain Stovetop retro espresso machine

Retro Espresso Machine

Bellemain Stovetop espresso maker specs

  • 6-cup

  • evenly heated brew

  • prevents over-heating

  • Removable steel cup tray for easy cleaning

  • aluminum construction

fresh espresso grind
Retro Espresso Machine
coffee can

I’m an espresso addict and this little stovetop pot is better than anything that comes out of Starbucks (which I don’t consider a real espresso stand) and is just as good as a $1000 Costco machine.

As an espresso addict, I typically make 2-3 pots to share between my wife and myself each morning. I fill the pot up at night so in the am all I have to do is turn on the stove. By the time I’ve brushed my teeth, my coffee is ready, about 5-10 minutes. This espresso will be extremely hot so give it a few before pouring.

Do not add sugar or syrups to the cup prior to pouring espresso, the heat can change the flavor of your sweetener, wait until the espresso is in your mug before doctoring. If you prefer iced drinks like me it’s perfectly fine to prepare a pot and let it sit or put in the fridge to cool.

Easy to clean don’t use an abrasive sponge no dishwasher just essentially rinse well and you’re good to go. Don’t use a too finely ground espresso, grinding yourself is best and make sure to buy good quality beans.

I come from a large family, this is the same way my grandparents and great grandparents made their coffee, this method has stood the test of time for a reason. Give it a try at this price you’ve got nothing to lose.

Find the best price here: Bellemain Stovetop espresso

4. Diguo Belgian vintage Luxury syphon

Retro Espresso Machine syphon

Diguo Belgian Luxury specs

  • 3-5 Espresso Cups

  • great purity of flavor

  • no bitterness

  • Rose Gold plated

  • 304 stainless steel Vacuum Flask

syphon coffee
Retro Espresso Machine
warm coffee

I just need one of these, after tasting and watching how this art piece brews a delicious cup of mocca.

It looks very classy and much prettier than in pictures, the rose gold chrome finish is flawless with its beautiful wood base. Overall the quality is excellent in every way.

It uses no electrical power. So even when the power is out, there will be no problems sipping a cup of awesome coffee.

Find the best price here: Diguo Belgian Luxury

5. Nostalgia RCOF120AQ retro coffee machine

Retro coffee Machine

Nostalgia RCOF120AQ retro specs

  • 12-cup 

  • programmable 24-hour clock

  • Pause while brewing

  • Keep warm function

  • Anit-drip

retro coffee
Retro Espresso Machine
coffee filter

The Nostalgia coffee pot is cute and makes a fast pot of coffee. One distinct thing I didn’t see in the info, is that this pot uses cone filters, not a huge deal, but not super convenient either.

The retro style and color fit perfectly into my decor and I love the flat top to keep mugs on (even though I need to move them each time to fill the water and filter with coffee).

It makes every morning so much more exciting and I love it!

Find the best price here: Nostalgia RCOF120AQ Retro

Retro Espresso Machine

I hope this article about retro espresso machines helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff, we have more in our Posts section.