Retro style electric bikes

Retro style electric bikes

Retro style electric bikes are convenient, easy to park, and cheap to operate and are arguably cleaner to use than a gas engine, especially at the ‘tailpipe’.

If more people were riding e-bikes we would have an effective pollution and climate solution, but most existing transportation infrastructure and regulations aren’t really encouraging their adoption yet.

Just because it’s modern and high tech doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice design, and I love everything retro and nostalgic as you might know, so I have found some of the coolest looking retro vintage e-bikes out there for you. 

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Retro style electric bikes my top 7

1. CIVIBIKES Cheetah retro style bike

Retro style electric bikes civibikes cheetah

CIVIBIKES Cheetah Beach Cruiser

  • 28 mph

  • 55 miles range

  • 48V 750W 17.5Ah Li-ion battery 

  • Color LCD display

civibikes cheetah brown blue
civibikes cheetah brown redcivibikes cheetah brown red

Retro e-bike Video

retro style electric bikes best pick

CIVIBIKES Cheetah (the coolest retro e-bike in the world) is my first e-bike, I took things easy on my first ride and kept it at PAS level 1. It definitely takes some getting used to, has a completely different feel vs. the Cannondale Quick 3 that I had been riding. It’s big, it’s heavy, and like a motorbike, it needs to be leaned into the turns. But man, is it fun!

I wanted this bike mainly to commute. It’s only about 13 miles round trip, but the hilly streets of Seattle are tough. E-bikes are a great way to get some exercise while making biking a practical option every day of the week. And no, it’s not ‘cheating’, I’m not trying to win the Tour De France, I’m just trying to get to work and back quickly and efficiently.

Battery life is decent given the weight and speed of this bike (I usually get home with about 30-40% remaining, and charge overnight for the next day).

Commuting on this bike is fun, fast, and comfortable. I set the speed limit to 20 mph so I can use it on bike paths (with that setting, it meets all of the requirements of a Class 2 e-bike), but that’s still plenty fast and usually gets me to work in about the same time as driving.

But overall this bike is totally badass, and it turns heads everywhere I go. I love the retro styling that’s curiously slick and modern at the same time. I love the details like the stitching on the handlebar grips, and how the wiring and electronics are cleanly hidden in the frame and ‘gas tank’.

If I’m stopped at a red light, someone inevitably makes a comment like “that’s the coolest bike I’ve ever seen”. Indeed it is. And it’s the coolest bike I’ve ever ridden, too.

I can’t recommend the CIVIBIKES Cheetah enough if you want something retro looking, that really pops out. 

Find the best price here: CIVIBIKES Cheetah

2. Micargi Cyclone retro cruiser

retro style electric bikes Micargi Cyclone

Micargi Cyclone retro style e-bike

  • 26 mph

  • 45 miles range

  • 48V 500W 11.6Ah Li-ion battery 

  • LCD Display

  • 83 LBS
Micargi Cyclone black
Micargi Cyclone grey
Micargi Cyclone hub

Retro e-bike Video

The Micargi Cyclone is a strikingly good looking e-bike. Retro bike styling pulled off beautifully. 

The battery placement is particularly excellent, being so ultra-low on the frame. Some retro bikes opt to put the battery in the ‘tank’. An example that comes to mind is the Ruff Cycles Ruffian. That results is not nearly as good a center of gravity as where the Cyclone has it.

Also pleasing is that the battery is largely hidden from view, especially so to not too discerning eyes that view the bike. Many potential buyers would view the absence of gear changes as a great thing. And I suppose it is if the rider does not deal with much in the way of hills.

The bike does provide several levels of assist and 500 watts of power. Even though the bike is heavy, that is powerful enough to do the job in environments that offer little in the way of elevation changes.

Find the best price here: Micargi Cyclone

3. Michael Blast T4B vintage greaser

retro style electric bikes MICHAEL BLAST T4B GREASER

Michael Blast T4B vintage style e-bike

  • 28 mph

  • 60 miles range

  • 36V 250W 13Ah Li-ion battery 

  • LCD Display

  • 63 LBS

Vintage greaser e-bike Video

retro style electric bikes greaser

The Michael Blast T4B is the only e-bike of its kind where price, performance and unique vintage design all comes together in perfect harmony.

Definitely not a speedster, more like a Cadillac. It’s a stunning bike that has all the right details, if you’re into the old school greaser look then this is one of the best looking e-bikes out there. 

It has a pedal Assist System that allows for a more intuitive riding experience and if you want more exercise – turn it to zero assist level and pedal as on a regular bike.

Don’t be fooled by cheaper e-bikes, you get what you pay for.  This bike is excellent in quality and a machine that will outlast most others. The e-bike itself is an incredible vehicle, durable and very well manufactured.  

Find the best price here: Michael Blast T4B

4. Munro 2.0 retro dream

retro style electric bikes munro 2.0

Munro 2.0 retro style electric bikes

  • 31 mph

  • 62 miles range

  • 48V 350W 18.6Ah Lithium battery

  • LED Display

  • 77 LBS
munro 2.0 green e-bike
munro 2.0 white e-bike
munro 2.0 black e-bike

Vintage retro e-bike Video

The Munro 2.0, is named after Burt Munro, a world land speed record holder who rode a highly modified Indian Scout motorcycle to much success at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1960s.

The electric bike’s design resembles the curves and lines as an early Indian motorbike, but on a smaller scale.

It has a Bosch electric motor in the rear wheel and space for two battery packs within the frame’s “motor” which gives the e-bike a range of 62 miles on a single charge.

The Munro 2.0 got announced at CES 2017 and will be available in several color schemes, will have three different handlebar choices and will weigh in at about 77 lb.


Find the best price here: Munro 2.0

5. AZBO Vintage beach cruiser

AZBO retro style electric bikes

  • 20 mph

  • 49 miles range

  • 48V 500W 10.4Ah Lithium battery

  • 82 LBS

The AZBO E-Bike is an all-purpose powerful electric bike built with high-quality mainstream components.
The bike is powerful, affordable, durable and quiet.

It comes with big fat Kenda tires,  7 speed Shimano gears, and a powerful LED headlight.

Find the best price here: AZBO Vintage

6. AZBO mini retro styled electric bike

retro style electric bikes AZBO mini retro e-bike

AZBO mini retro style electric bike

  • 20 mph

  • 50 miles range

  • 48V 500W 15.6Ah Lithium battery

  • LED Display

  • 77 LBS

The AZBO Mini E-Bike is an all-purpose powerful electric bike built with high-quality mainstream components. Just like it’s big brother this is also powerful, affordable, durable and quiet.

It comes with a Hub motor and a powerful LED headlight.

Find the best price here: AZBO Mini e-bike 

7. MZZK retro style electric bikes for women

retro style electric bikes MZZK

MZZK electric bike

  • 25 mph

  • 75 miles range

  • 48V 624W 13Ah Lithium battery

  • LED Display

  • 59 LBS

If you want something a little more down to earth but with a little hint of retro then the MZZK e-bike is probably what you are looking for. It’s a great all-rounder e-bike with all the features and comfort you would want in a bike.

with 7 Shimano Altus gears and a range of up to 75 miles, this makes for a great every day-long trip rider.

Find the best price here: MZZK retro bike

That was my article on retro style electric bikes hope you found something useful.

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