Man Cave Furniture

man cave furniture

Furniture for you’re man cave can make or break the whole room, like everything else it comes down to matching colors, themes and sizes.

Unfortunately, many guys buy cool furniture because of how it looks only to find that it doesn’t go with their theme, remember to also consider the space available in your cave. Understanding the space that is available for furniture is important before you buy anything.

If you like retro setups as I do then try sticking to the theme because buying all sorts of stuff and trying to fit it all together afterwards can be quite a mess and almost impossible.

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Man cave furniture types

  • Couch

  • Chairs

  • Table

  • Storage

  • Fridge


THE Man cave couch

Gaming theme

furniture man cave couch

Sports theme

Retro theme

Find the perfect couch or sofa for your cave, the seating is arguably the most important piece of furniture in your cave. This is where you and your buddies will spend a night watching superball or just hanging out drinking a couple of beers.

Try to avoid the boring options when you have so many cool options out there. Get something cozy, big and themed something you will enjoy spending your time in every day.

A gaming themed couch could be the ARCADE Sofa from HAROW they have some of the coolest gaming couches in the world, custom build and decorated but you could take the inspiration and build one yourself.


Gaming theme

furniture for your man cave

Sports theme

Retro theme

Man cave chairs the ultimate must-have, a place to chill out and relax after a long day at work. 

The gaming themed bean bag here is massively big and will easily fit two adults, it would be perfect for a retro gaming cave with a Nintendo theme or just consoles in general.   

There are chairs in all possible themes, from homemade DIY chairs to high-grade designer chairs form known brands.

Most importantly, find the ones that fit into your vision and remember to be practical about your choice. 


Pirate theme

Music theme

Pinup theme

No man cave can be complete without a table. Whether its a place to set your beer, your coffee or just somewhere to place your computer, a table is an essential piece of man cave furniture.

It’s really easy to make something yourself, paint your old dining table to the colors of your cave theme.

Although using an ordinary table is perfectly fine, man cave furniture is almost always fun and themed. Most man cavers try to avoid the usual home furniture when there are almost limitless options to shine up your man space with themed items.

Furniture storage for your man cave

Drawer storage

Box storage

man cave storage

Table storage

You need storage for all your man stuff, why not build it yourself?  it’s really not that hard to hammer a couple of wood pieces together, find some old worn down wooden planks and cut them after your measurements. Polish one of the sides and leave the rest raw, this will give it a cool look.

Paint only some of the sides and use sandpaper on it after it has dried up, this will again give it a worn down look but the end result will be fantastic.  

Stick metal plates to it like the Box storage in this article it will give an industrial look.

Keep it to the theme as always and make it practical and useful for yourself.

A Fridge as a man cave furniture



coolest man cave furniture fridge


budget man cave fridge

You need to keep your beer cold right? So why not have a damn cool fridge to do that there is a massive amount of nice fridges out there to fit into your theme whatever it may be.

Your friends will definitely notice something like the Marshall main stage fridge with real mechanical parts and a brass-finished faceplate definitely one of the coolest fridges out there. 

This was my take on furniture for your man cave, building things yourself is always gratifying and I would recommend you to put your own custom touches on your cave, don’t just buy everything, make it your own.

I hope this article helped you a little and if you’re interested in other Retro stuff and articles we have a lot of great ones in our Posts section.