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retro style jukebox machines

Retro jukebox machines are just amazing! To have your own jukebox has probably been a dream for most people growing up in the 50’s to 70’s. We love getting entertained and distracted with fun and old school looking machines that play loud music, just like in the old days downtown.

I remember how I could use hours and hours playing my vinyls until they just broke and had to get some new ones.

Jukeboxes have changed considerably over the years. There are now plenty of fancy features packed into the latest machines from various companies, high-resolution screens and LED lights that flash in all of the colors of the rainbow, they also offer Bluetooth, sd cards, CDs, and have Aux plugs just so we can be sure to hear some tunes when and how we want to. 

These are some of the best jukebox machines out there with handcraftet details and super solid build quality, that’ll last for many years.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

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Best retro jukeboxes my top 3

1. Crosley Rocket Full Size Vinyl Jukebox

retro style jukebox crosley rocket

Crosley Rocket Specs

  • 70 x 7″ (45 RPM) with 140 selections

  • Amazing Rotating tile display

  • D4 digital amplifier: 4 channels; 2x tweeter, 2x mid-range, and 1x 12″ twin cone bass speaker

  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver to stream your favorite music to the Rocket’s powerful speakers

crosley rocket
crosley rocket
crosley rocket

Retro jukebox Video

retro style jukebox best pick

Vinyl jukeboxes are pretty much a thing of the past. Once there was one in every diner and local bowling alley and that may be a thing again with this monster of a jukebox! Say hello to the Crosley Rocket Full Size Vinyl Jukebox.

The Crosley Rocket is not only the first vinyl jukebox in the company’s current catalog, but it’s also the only vinyl jukebox produced in the World. The machine is capable of holding up to 70 seven-inch records and can play both A and B sides thanks to what the company calls a “unique rotating vinyl mechanism” that’s a total of 140 possible selections, wow.

According to Crosley CEO, Bo LeMastus, “the Vinyl Rocket was created with the most devoted audiophile and collector in mind.” It’s equipped with a five-way built-in speaker system that includes two midrange drivers, two tweeters, and a 12-inch twin cone bass speaker, all powered by a D4 digital amplifier with independent stereo channel outputs. 

All of them are built by hand in the U.K. and each unit is individually numbered to make them unique.

The first place that comes to mind for a jukebox would obviously be an oldies bar or diner. But if the Vinyl Rocket sounds like something you’d want in your home, you’re in luck; the Vinyl Rocket has the ability to be set to either coin-op or free mode.

Crosley has outfitted the Vinyl Rocket with some modern features like a Bluetooth receiver for streaming from smartphones and other mobile devices. It also features an auxiliary input for wiring directly and output jacks for connecting extra external speakers.

Maybe the best thing about the Rocket is that it is 100% customizable so you can switch out the song requests and the vinyls without a hassle.

Find the best price here: Crosley Rocket Jukebox

2. Crosley slimline Bubbler Full Size CD Jukebox

retro style jukebox crosley slimline bubbler

Crosley slimline bubbler Specs

  • 80-Disc jukebox CD mechanism

  • Connections for up to 6 speakers, plus Auxiliary inputs for mic

  • D4 digital amplifier: 4 channels, 60W RMS per channel; 2x tweeter, 2x mid-range, and 1x 12 twin cone bass speaker

  • Built-in Bluetooth receiver and includes a remote control for home use.

crosley slimline bubbler
crosley slimline bubbler
crosley slimline bubbler

Retro jukebox Video

retro style jukebox best pick

Crosley Slimline Full-Size CD Jukebox – This is an amazing machine, a jukebox like nothing else.

This is by far the best and coolest Crosley bubbler jukebox to buy in 2020 and when I call it a “Bubbler” It’s because of the air bubbles flowing inside the glass sides of the machine, it gives the jukebox a really nostalgic feel like the machines from the ’50s.

The Crosley Slimline has all the power of the original full-bodied jukebox – minus the massive cabinet. Sculpted out of Oaktree to give it an authentic styling, modern features, and a hand-crafted cabinet, this music box is ready to rock when you are.

It comes with a style that is reminiscent of the classics, combined with the performance of the future, the Slimline is everything you’ve wanted in a jukebox – but slimmer  

The Crosley Slimline Jukebox features:

  • Bluetooth Ready
  • 80 Disc Jukebox CD Mechanism with Flip Display
  • D4 Digital Amplifier: 4 Channels, 60W RMS/Channel
  • 2 Tweeter, 2 Mid Range and 1 12″ Twin Cone Bass Speaker
  • Connections for up to 6 Speakers
  • 80 Disc Rotating Display Rack
  • Shuffle Play Facility
  • Auxiliary Inputs for Mic/Audio and Auxiliary Output
  • Remote Control for Home Use
  • Measures: 21.5″ L x 33.5″ W x 59.75″ H, weighs 287 lbs


Find the best price here: Crosley slimline bubbler Jukebox

3. Victrola Ricatech retro Full-Size CD Jukebox

retro style jukebox victrola

Victrola Richatech retro Specs

  • Record player with 3-speed belt Driven Turntable (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM)

  • 100 watts of full-range high fidelity sound with 4 speakers, tweeters and subwoofer.

  • Built-in CD player and AM/FM digital radio

  • Stream your favorite music from across the room with Bluetooth. 

victrola full-size jukebox
victrola full-size jukebox
victrola full-size jukebox

Retro jukebox Video

retro style jukebox best pick

The Victrola retro is really one cool machine, it features almost any kind of connection so you can be sure to get your tunes out the speakers. It has MP3, Bluetooth, AUX, CD,  33 – 45 – 78 RPM Records and Am/Fm radio.

It’s a full-size jukebox measuring 51″ tall. The disco light design makes everything much more fun when using it for karaoke nights with family and friends.

The best thing about the victrola is that it is a lot cheaper than the Crosley’s, but hey the Crosley jukeboxes are the best machines you can get in the World, so therefor the premium prices. This machine, on the other hand, is amazing for the price and looks amazing too. 

Who is Victrola? Well Victrola is one of the oldest names in the music industry as a manufacturer of audio appliances.

Having been founded in 1906, the brand has seen and survived a lot of changes in technology and collected decades of expertise under their belt.

They have also established a name as being a brand that uses high-quality materials, especially in their record players, so don’t think that their machines ain’t goo enough.

Find the best price here: Victrola Ricatech retro Jukebox

That was my article on retro style jukeboxes hope you found something useful.

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